How To Keep Your Eyes Looking Youthful

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Almost every emotion that you can display on your face requires the use of your eyes. Think about it: you laugh, and your eyes crinkle at the corners. You’re suspicious, and they narrow. You’re feeling silly and your eyebrows waggle. You’re worried, and your brow furrows. The eyes truly are a window into your emotions, and therefore people often look to them for an indicator of how you are feeling.

So what happens when you start to notice creases and fine lines around your eyes? Suddenly your playful peepers start to look older, and less sparkly. But don’t lose your spark yet — here are some tips for how to get rid of wrinkles around your eyes so they can stay fresh and youthful.

Get plenty of rest.
It’s boring advice, but getting plenty of sleep can fix a lot of the problems that women notice when it comes to their eyes. When you get enough rest, you are less likely to have dark circles or bags under your eyes in the morning. Plus, getting some shut-eye allows you to be more focused on your daily tasks the next day. For even smoother skin around your baby blues, apply an anti wrinkle eye cream under and around your eyes before bed. This helps hydrate the skin and reduce the appearance of lines.

Don’t stress.
When you’re worried or concerned, you may subconsciously furrow your brows, which can leave these two lovely fine lines right between your eyebrows on either side of your nose. If you spend too much time squinting, you can also see crow’s feet appear on the outer corners of your eyes. Try to find a way to manage your stress, and be sure to use an eye wrinkle cream to help fill in lines around the eyes. You should also use an anti aging moisturizer along your forehead and nose to prevent further lines.

Keep your makeup natural.
Light, neutral shades that warm your skin tone make you look modern and youthful. If you choose eyeshadow colors that are too dark, heavy or bright, they can age you, and make it easier for others to pinpoint your age based on the makeup trends you still follow. Before you put on your makeup, moisturize around the eye area, including the upper cheeks and temples, with an eye cream for wrinkles to provide a smoother base for your powders and creams, as well as keep the skin looking firmer.

Stay curious.
When you’re interested in the world and are constantly learning new things, it makes your eyes sparkle. Keep your life interesting, and always use a good skin care line to keep your skin looking beautiful.

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