How To Increase Sperm Count With Herbal Supplements That Are Proven?

By: Abram Wilson

Low sperm count badly effects male infertility. It may be temporary or everlasting. According to health report, about 10% of males aged between 18 to 50 are suffering from low sperm.

Too many causes play a significant role behind this problem, such as mental and physical stress, sleeplessness, obesity, heredity, zinc deficiency, toxic pollutants, hormonal problems etc. Though lots of treating options are available, herbal supplements to increase sperm count are the best treating option of all.

Herbs for increasing sperm count in men: Some herbs are very much helpful for this:

Mucuna Pruriens: This herb is also known as velvet bean. It is mainly found in India, but now it is available all over the world. Mucuna Pruriens amplifies the level of dopamine and enhance the count of sperm. So, the people are thinking how to increase sperm count, may use this herb without any hesitation. It also works as an energizer and libido enhancer. Apart from this herb, men can consume Night Fire capsules to obtain a large amount of healthy sperm.

Tribulus terrestis: It is one of the best herbal cures which is used to cure low sperm problem. Since long ago, this herb has been applied to improve the health of the reproductive system. Tribulus terrestis also helps in treating the problem associated with sex desire as well as erectile dysfunction. Men also can use Musli Strong capsules along with this herb to achieve optimum result.

Ashwagandha: This particular herb works as one of the best herbal remedies for enhancing sperm quantity. It strengthens bones and lessens tension. Ashwagandha is the best herbal remedy for solving various types of lovemaking problems. Experts also suggest this herb as one of the best herbal supplements to increase sperm count.

Foods for increasing sperm count: Herbal supplements such as Night Fire capsules are too much efficient to enhance the amount of sperm quantity. But male should eat proper nutrients to get successful results.

Vitamin A is very much essential for getting healthy sperm quantity and also cures male fertility. Carrots, dried apricots, red peppers, oatmeal are good sources of vitamin A. In addition, consume green leafy vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, broccoli etc.

1. Asparagus, strawberries, cooked tomatoes; snow peas are good for increasing sperm count. Vitamin C also helps to increase sperm quantity amazingly. So, men who are anxious about how to increase sperm count naturally may include those foods containing vitamin C such as oranges, berries etc.

2. Zinc deficiency is another important cause for low sperm quantity. So, eat zinc enriched nutrients regularly to diminish the problem. Besides, men also may suffer from low testosterone level due to zinc deficiency. Therefore, include in diet turkey, oysters, seafood, eggs and pumpkin seeds to get adequate amounts of zinc. Beef, corn, oatmeal, yogurt are also good sources of zinc. Besides, the male can consume Musli Strong capsule for quick and satisfactory result.

To get pregnant, a man should have minimum 40 million sperm in every ejaculation. In fact, low sperm count is considered as infertility in men. So, try the above mentioned remedies to get rid of the problem of low sperm quantity.

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