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By: Kara Leeibb

Most people refer to their abs as if they were one set of muscles. However, the your abs are really a set of four muscle groups. Muscle burns calories 24 hours a day so the more muscle you have, the more fat you burn and the better your abs and the rest of your body will look.
I will show you why you should stop worrying about when you will achieve the best abs and just focus on how to get your lean 6 pack or flat, sexy abs.
* There are many reasons why you are not getting the performance that you need, most of the problems fall into three categories and one of this is too many Ab exercises
* Increased stress levels therefore decreasing your overall levels of fitness
* Eating habits stemming from childhood, this is no secret given the problems of childhood obesity and the increasing weight and lack of fitness that we are seeing in children
When you do full body exercises, you stress multiple muscle groups which causes more muscle growth than just doing abdominal exercises. There are two other methods of doing squats that can help you mix up your workout and give you a bigger muscle building boost as well as focus a little more on the abdominals.
They help to give you better balance, reduce your stress levels and increase your overall levels of fitness. In fact, the best ab workout is doing overall body exercises that focus on increasing our metabolism, through resistance training, interval training, watching our diet and reducing our stress levels.
It goes way beyond how to get a six pack and I can show you how to get the best ab workout even if you cant get to a gym or just hate ab workouts. You must remember that with all the ab workouts out there, the most important factors obtaining six pack abs is body fat percentage.
The reason that I say that the best ab workout is a full body workout is because if you want to have great abs, you need to have very low body fat not just strong, defined muscles. If you were to simply lie on the bench or floor for crunches, you are not working the abdominal muscles through their full range of motion.
In general, the key to ab exercises is to make it hurt. Suspended Leg Raises, I personally think one of the best abdominal exercises is hanging or suspended leg raises.

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