How To Get The Plastic Surgery You Need

By: Rudy Silva

Finding a top plastic surgeon that will safely perform the plastic surgery you will be a challenge. However, there is system you can use to narrow down the surgeons that will fit your requirements. Following these steps will greatly improve you success of finding a great surgeon.

So, you have decided to have some plastic surgery to alter some of your body features - facelift, liposuction, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, or breast implants. This type of surgery is complex and there is no guarantee that things will work out ok. This is why you need to find the right surgeon for the job and this will greatly increase you chance of getting the changes you want correctly and safely.

Here are 6 steps that you need to go through. If you have qualified information for any of these steps already then just on to the next step. But you donít want to down play or minimize the information you get for any of these steps.

Get A List Of Cosmetic Surgeons

The first thing you need to do is get a list of plastic surgeons or doctors that do plastic surgery. One of the best lists you can create is from friends or family that has had this surgery. Add to this list only the doctors with positive results.

Look for information on the surgeonís skills, attitude, service, cost, and results. There will always be some negative comments on surgeons but doctors cannot always satisfy every patientís whims or needs.

Go to the phone book and to the internet and add some of the surgeons that are there. Their advertisements copy will not always indicate what they are able to give you. You will need to call them up and ask questions about their service, what they can offer you, and tell them what you are looking for.

Decide Which Cosmetic Surgeons Stay On Your List

Now you must eliminate some of the plastic surgeons on your list. Here is some of the qualifications that these doctors should have for you protection.

The doctor needs to show you his medical school completion certifications. He must have completed his residency and ask where this was done. He must have had a medical specialization. Ask what his specialization was during his medical studies. Ask what hospital he has privileges at for the surgery you are seeking.

He must be a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or Cosmetic Surgeon. He must be a member of medical society that is approved by American Board of Medical Specialties Society or of The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

A plastic surgeon needs to complete six to eight years and a facial plastic surgeon needs to have five to seven years training after graduating from medical school.

Screening Plastic Surgeons

Now, you need to call the plastic surgeons on your list. Here are some questions to ask. Is the surgeon board certified in the area that you are seek surgery. Ask about how long they have been in business, what school he went to, how many years was he in training, did he complete residency.

Also ask, how many times a month do they perform the surgery you want. What kind of after surgery care do they provide. How do they handle complications and what are the additional costs. What organization does this surgeon belong to? Is the surgery done in an accredited hospital?

You also need information on the anesthesia. What anesthesia will you receive and who is the doctor that will do this. Is he board certified? From these entire question, you can decide, which surgeon you want a consultation with.

What You Should Get From The Consultation

By this time you list of surgeons should be smaller and now you can ask for a free consultation with the surgeon. You want to find a surgeon that you feel comfortable. Here are some things to consider during your consultation.

Make sure you feel that the surgery does not rush you during the interview. Again ask about his training. Ask to see if there are alternatives solutions to what you want and see if the doctor is open minded. His answers to your questions should be clear and understandable.

Ask the doctor how he and his team will help before and after the surgery. Ask if you can talk to a couple of patients that have had similar surgeries. You should leave the consultation with all the costs for the surgery and if this is the doctor you want to use, you should feel good and confident that this is the doctor you want to work with.

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