How To Get Rid Of Arm Flab With The Best Exercises And Avoiding The Worst

By: Katherine Crawford M.S.

It's important to avoid ineffective exercises when trying to lose arm flab. Unfortunately, all the experts have different opinions on this one.
And said opinions are usually based on subjective experience, not objective facts. How are you supposed to figure this out if the experts can't?
Luckily for you, I've already been there and done that, so to speak. Thus, I have decided to share my knowledge so that you don't have to go through the same hair-pulling epic. Arm flab reduction shouldn't be a stressful endeavor.
So without further delay, here is today's review of reverse wrist curls:
1. Quick overview: This exercise is very inefficient because it works a very small muscle, the upper forearm. Moreover, it doesn't target the flabby upper arm area.
2. Technique. Sit on a bench with your forearms resting on your knees and grab a barbell with an overhand grip. Raise said barbell by bending your wrists upwards. Then slowly lower it.
3. High frequency mistakes: Letting the elbows move around. Not bringing the weight all the way down and all the way up for full range of motion. And grasping the barbell with too much force which can be painful for the wrists.
4. To do or not to do: You are better served doing other exercises if you want to get rid of the arm flab. This exercise only targets the forearms, not the upper arms.
Want to unearth the best exercises for arm flab reduction? Well, so do I! So make sure you don't miss any of my arm exercise reviews. You no longer have to look for a reliable source of information.

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Writer Katherine Crawford, a Harvard fitness expert and recent arm fat refugee, teaches women how to lose arm flab. Discover how to get sexy and toned arms by visiting her blog about flabby arms right now!

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