How To Get Myspace Friends

By: Gen Wright

How to get myspace friends with "Myspace Rockstar!" Myspace Rockstar is a BRAND NEW course that teaches musicians, bands, rap groups, and artist how to promote themselves through myspace!

Beyond getting "myspace friends", Myspace Rockstar also teaches and shows individuals how to get massive amounts of myspace friends, myspace plays, myspace views, and more myspace comments! Myspace Rockstar is a course that was only available to A&R reps for popular record labels such as Vagrant, Victory and Hassle records for the price of $1,997!

Here are only a few secrets release in Myspace Rockstar:

* Generate massive amounts of friends in the quickest way possible!

* Target your local friends and explode your national following

* Get hundreds of plays and views per day

* Get tons of new comments every day from your friends and fans

* Explode your traffic to your profile

* How to reach over 100,000 new targeted fans per month and get them to listen to your music, leave you comments and become your friend!

* How to get 1,000+ TARGETED FRIENDS per day without being in fear of a deleted account

* How to have someone promote your whole profile for less than $30 per week

* And Much Much More....

One major concern users get on Myspace about building their friends list is "Will my account get banned or deleted from using Myspace Rockstar?" Absoultley not! Myspace Rockstar is all user driven and 100% within the Myspace Terms and Conditions. Over 3,500 Myspace Rockstar users and NOT ONE SINGLE account deleted.

Myspace rockstar consist of a video training course, and 3 special software's to help aid you in your way to self promotion. Many musicians now days use a Myspace Friend Adder to get them hundreds of friends but over 98% of them will usually end up getting their profile deleted!


Because they simply don't know how to use the myspace friend adder properly. They end up adding 400-600 friends a day and they are just adding everyone and anyone.

There are many ways to get hundreds and thousands of myspace friends fast! One way is to use friend adder network sites such as adderdemon. Basically these sites will have you add friends and each friend you add you get a point. The more points you get the more friends you will receive.

To get to the top of the charts on each adder network takes some work. Unless you use a system like my band promoter that will build the points automatically for you. You can get over 200-600 Friends incoming daily to your profile.

This will result in more myspace plays, myspace views, and comment's if you know how to work the system correctly. I've been able to generate over 40 comments in 1 day using special techniques with each adder site.

Let me tell you this....

If you want to become successful and gain hundreds of new fans DAILY then your going to have to *TARGET* your friends. You need people who already like the kind of music style your playing!

Now you can learn the $2,000 secrets to promoting yourself through the biggest social network in the world with Myspace Rockstar! The videos and software within the system are priceless and will automate your whole myspace band promotion and marketing!

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