How To Get Clear Skin - How To Stop Breakouts And Prevent Pimples

By: Felix G. Schmieder

How many times have you seen another pretty actress on television selling yet another way how to get clear skin and you got sick of it?† For over a decade, I dealt with acne and was always keeping an eye out for ways how to get clear skin. Sometimes products would work really well for a time. They also had a tendency to make my skin look even worse than before and I would plead with my dermatologist to switch but he would tell me to wait a little longer. Some time later he would shrug and say "Ok we can something different" when it finally became obvious even to him that it wasn't working.
"Thanks! How long did you go to school for that fantastic advice!?"
Now I'm past those terrible years and I want to inform you that I have found a astounding way for how to get clear skin and I know how to keep it that way forever. I don't have to keep smearing tons of chemicals on my skin, nor do I bother with doctos or worry about terrible side effects. This process is truly so amazing that most of you won't even believe it's true. Experts won't share this information with you because they stick to old,flat out wrong assumptions and myths that simply aren't true and they'd much prefer to push expensive products that increase their commission checks.
First, the human body today has over 300 chemicals inside of it that were't even around 50 years ago. Food companies stuff their products with useless filler in order to make their food taste better so we keep eating it, which also raises their profit margins.
Second, although there have been other claims otherwise, there have been many studies that prove that acne is a problem that begins inside of us and is only set into motion by hormones. I can't comprehend the logic that experts use when they claim that hormone production throughout teenaged years is what instigates breakouts and then they claim the only way how to get clear skin is to use chemicals that further upset our balance.It simply doesn't make sense!
Every single day, we put an ever increasing amount of chemicals into our bodies through the foods we eat and then we are told that to stop breakouts, we have to use even more more chemicals. To top things off, we only learn how to take care of the acne symptoms which always come back, so we're forced to keep purchasing if we ever want to become clear.. In my opinion, they're not interested in a cure because we're only seen as dollar signs to them.
If you don't know it by now, you can entirely cure yourself of your acne by getting rid of these excess hormones.† Even better is that this can work for anyone no matter what type of acne they have.
To end the overproduction of hormones, you have to avoid the typical foods that cause our organs to release the extra amounts. Foods like dairy, red meat, white carbs, refined sugar, hydrogenated oils, and anything overly processed. Our bodies just aren't made to break these down properly and they throw our bodies out of whack. The only way how to get clear skin is to eliminate the toxins that these foods have brought into our bodies over the years.
Over the years, acne sufferers have been given the same old information like oil and bacteria are what cause breakouts and that you have to wash your face to be clear. Despite never once getting anyone clear, the experts still spout this stuff off. Once you start treating the real issues that induce acne, you'll see it's the only way how to get clear skin.
The only way how to get clear skin is to address the actual troubles inside of your body. The events that combine to cause acne breakouts are first caused because of excessive hormones. As soon as you get rid of the hormones, everything else will stop and you won't have any more breakouts.
As soon as the lies and myths are debunked and dispelled, you can easily see that approaching acne with a more holistic mindset is the only way how to get clear skin. Take this approach to finally get that clear skin that you deserve.

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Learning how to get clear skin does take some work. You have to unlearn years of bad information and tons of myths and lies in order to get to the truth. Once you do discover the real causes of acne, however, you're all set. That's because the only how to get clear skin is to address the real problems inside of you and to forgo the symptoms that occur on your skin. Treat your acne from the inside out and your skin will reward you.

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