How To Get A Reader's Attention In Your Article

By: Dominic Tay

In giving tips on how to grab a readers' attention, it's easy to give out vague suggestions such as: "keep them interested from start to finish" or "use visualization". There's still the question of how?
Let's take books and movies, what catches our attention about them in spite of their length? If one is any good we finish it up to the end and even hanker for more. The theme, the story line and even the acting prowess do not do much unless they appeal to our emotions. Then that must be it, we get our reader's attention by writing something that has great appeal to the reader's emotions.
Elements of drama, humor, adventure and even sensuality can definitely contribute in making our articles interesting. Notice how some writers dwell on the desolation of men and women with alopecia or premature baldness? Have you ever felt the experience of travelling to some remote and exotic place just by reading some travel articles? Even articles describing how sensual a woman can be wearing figure revealing silk lingerie to please her man can be arousing.
Let us explore other useful tips shared by some effective writers on how they get their reader's attention to their article:
1. Arouse curiosity. Curiosity always compels us to stick around and see what happens. Even if there's danger involved, our curiosity somehow takes the better of us. It's because we want to talk about it later and catch other's attention as well.
2. Being controversial attracts. Sometimes people welcome controversies because it spices up an otherwise dull existence. Hence if an article comes on to us as controversial we get all fired up either for or against the idea.
3. Seduction Technique We get seduced into reading the article up to the end because the beginning made a promise too hard to resist. We all get attracted to promises and we hang on to them no matter what.
4. Use AIDA - an acronym for a common copywriting formula which means A- attention, I- Interest, D- Desire and A- action. Simply stated as: grab attention by capturing the interest and build desire to move into action.
Writer's never really know the extent of attention they grab through their articles, but articles for article marketing can measure in terms of traffic it directed to its website.

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