How To Find The Right Play Toys For Preschool Kids

By: Kanooga

The best play toys for preschool kids are the ones that give them most fun without any hazards. The best preschool toys are the ones designed specifically for this 3-5 age level.

Based on studies conducted by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the following key facts have been identified regarding play toys for preschool kids:

1. Preschool kids are far along in cooperative, social play. They are now in the peak years for dramatic and pretend play. Age 5 is considered the peak year for this type of play. Kids at this age want all sorts of props to enhance play times.

2. Simple toys no longer satisfy them. They prefer toys with realistic details and working parts.

3. These are peak years for interest in playing with puppets. Playing with puppets offers the benefit of allowing kids to define and explore relationships. Most puppets are based on unknown characters, which give kids a blank slate to use their own imagination to develop and define the character and its relationships with others.

4. Construction toys are becoming much more interesting to preschool kids. They are increasingly motivated by the fact that these toys offer them a plan with an end goal in mind. Toys in this category include building blocks and interlocking building systems like Rokenbok, Legos and MegaBloks. The ideal construction toy for preschool kids is one that allows them to connect pieces in a specific order to create something that looks like a realistic model. Construction toys help enhance dexterity, coordination, creativity and spatial thinking.

5. Toy figures are at their peak interest level during these years. Toy action figures and dolls are very popular at this age.

6. Transportation toys like cars, trucks and trains are at their peak interest level during these years. Preschool kids prefer vehicles with realistic detail and vehicles that really do something like dumping or digging. The ideal train sets for this age level are small trains.

7. Play scenes are at their peak interest level during these years. Play scenes provide kids with pretend play and role-playing. Preschool kids want play scenes with realistic accessories and working parts. Their favorite themes are garages, farms, airports, space ships and forts.

8. Most children in this age range are no longer mouthing small toy parts so it is safe to introduce them to toys with smaller components. However, this depends on the child. If children are still mouthing small parts, do not give them any toys with small parts.

The preschool years are a great age for play toys. Selecting the right ones for your child will help them get the most from their play time.

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