How To Find Inspiration For Unique Tattoos

By: Derek Cla

People enjoy tattoos for many different reasons. Some people love designing their own tattoo just for the sake of getting it put on their skin. Tattoos have become one of the most popular things people do to their bodies, even over getting piercings. A tattoo can be anything and there are hundreds of galleries on the internet that will prove this fact. Some people try to get the most abnormal design that not only causes people to turn their heads, but for some of these designs, they just make you feel uncomfortable. Then there are the other people who tend to get the more normal tattoo designs. These range from flowers, crosses, tribal deigns, butterflies to names. The average person wants a design that looks nice, but also has meaning behind it.
A tattoo was originally used as a form of marking a person for a specific tribe or clan. These designs where to portray leadership status, ownership as with slaves or had special meaning. Today a tattoo is nothing more than a fashion statement. They express a person's uniqueness, character or possibly their past, present and future state. With so many people getting tattoos, it is becoming much harder to come up with a design that is unique in nature and that no one else has. Here are a few tips that will help you come up with a completely unique tattoo that is unique to you.

You first need to come up with inspiration and there is no better place for that than the use of the internet. There are hundreds and thousands of tattoo galleries online that you can look through. People have created paid services with some of the best tattoo stencils and pictures that have help hundreds of people come up with their own unique idea. While this do not help you come up with something unique it will help you get inspiration. It is very easy to copy someone else's design after looking at hundreds of others. There is nothing wrong with copying someone else if you like their ideas, as you can always add your own little flair.
Secondly you can refer to books, posters and magazines for more inspiration. This will not help you come up with something completely unique, but it will start to get your mind working on ideas that will become unique to you. Sometimes inspiration comes from the most unlikely of places, so when you have an idea always write it down or do a quick sketch. Getting a tattoo is a complete art form and takes skill, so if you have no artistic skill you can always write down your ideas and take them to a tattoo artist who can put it all down on paper.

Third, you need to determine how big you want your tattoo and if you want to add color to it. Most people stick to having just a black tattoo, just because colored tattoos tend to fade over time and also cost much more than just black ink. This will help you find the style and size you will want for your tattoo. Some tattoos require more space on the body, for the details and others can be placed in smaller areas, if they do not require much detail.
Lastly to get your completely unique tattoo you will want to take your ideas to your tattoo artist, if you cannot design it yourself. Most people do not have the skill to create their own tattoo, but if you can then start by using your ideas and putting them on paper. Soon you will see that you have created something completely unique because it is something that you created with your own mind and no one else's.

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