How To Erase Acne, Pimples Scars Fast And Naturally?

By: Raibeart Santo

There are many ways on eliminating scars of acne. The occurrence of pimple or acne starts in the age of puberty when the body starts producing hormones that cause sebum in the skin. This stage of the skin may pass but it will leave marks to affect your looks and appearance for long time. Treating acne scars is possible through natural ways and some expensive dermatological procedures are also available to treat acne. But the method of treatment depends on the severity of the scar.

Some of the techniques on eliminating scars naturally are as follows:

1. Hydration is very important. It has been seen that water is one of the wonderful natural methods to eliminate acne scars and prevent the breakouts of acne. Drinking 8 glasses of water in a day helps your skin to lose those unwanted dead skin cells.

2. Many people suggest taking vitamin E capsule to remove those acne scars. You might also apply it on the affected area by perforating a particular spot in the capsule and apply the oil on the affected area. Another way is to take it orally in order to have the renewal of cell from inside.

3. Rosehip seed oil is a wonderful remedy on getting rid of acne stars. This is an anti-wrinkling and anti-aging that helps the skin to renew. Massage this oil on the affected area two times a day.

4. Eating a well balanced diet may also help in eliminating acne scars. The more nutritious food you combine in your meal, the quicker the scar will disappear. It helps in renewing the skin cells and also gives a healthy glow on your skin.

5. Add rose water and sandal wood paste and apply it on the affected area where the scars appear. Leave it overnight then wash it off with cold water the following day. Apart from the natural ways of eliminating scars, there are also some dermatological procedures that would certainly give you a much quicker result. But, pregnancy and other health issues may prevent you from undergoing these procedures.

6. Apart from dermatologists some facial salons also perform dermabrasion procedure nowadays. Dermabrasion is the procedure that removes the top layer of skin with the help of machine that rubs off the skin. Once your skin heals, the top layer will have soft and clear appearance.

7. Laser resurfacing is one of the most inexpensive anti-scar treatments nowadays. It makes use of a high energy light that helps in removing the fine scars and prevents the wrinkles as well.

Taking proper care of your skin is important to increase the effects of herbal remedies for acne and pimples, Glisten plus capsule is one among such remedies. They are the best herbal blood purifying capsules to prevent problems associated with skin. Having healthy and fat free diet along with these capsules and having fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet will help to keep your system free of toxin and clean as well.

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