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By: Alan Cosens

I am always amazed by the number of people who are trying to build a business in network marketing who have never bothered to evaluate the company that they are working with, and how many people don't really even know what to look for when I ask them about it.

In all fairness, the general nature of network marketing does tend toward that of marketing toward people that one already knows and I will admit that most of the time people join the company that they do simply because someone that they know brought that opportunity to one's attention.

Way back in the Olden Days before we were really using the internet too much for marketing, like way, way back in, say, 1998 Ėfairly recently in fact ó someone would present you with a money-making opportunity and a lot of the time, that was the only one you even knew existed. That was the case at least until some other fellow came by to entice you with the latest and greatest new one.

Now everyone just gets on Google and begins looking for the good and bad about your newly presented "greatest opportunity ever". This can be good and bad, but it certainly has changed the game a bit. It is now way more easy, assuming you know what you are looking for, to adequately do your research about a particular company. If your company and opportunity are not as competitive as they should be you will find that this makes it harder to hold on to people.

There are those who join and stick with a company for no reason other than they are so proud of the product, that they would never think of doing anything else.

I mean, the guy started taking the product and his cancer disappeared. No arguing with that.

I love those stories. I'd expect such a person to stay right where they are. They aren't in it for the money anyway. They person is following a "calling".

He might be working with one of the worst compensation plans that there is. This wouldn't matter because the intention is mainly to help. Kudos to people like that for caring. Certainly, it is going to be more difficult to make money in such a situation but thatís okay.

That is not the case for most of us though. Most are playing this game to profit. If I already had an endless supply of cash I would just get up in the morning and start playing guitar and not stop until I fell asleep on top of the thing late at night. Sure, there are probably folks who would disagree but I am convinced that hardly anyone would be marketing just for fun if there we no need whatsoever for income.

Nothing wrong with that either.

But I have found that most network marketers, when actually provided with some of the really important criteria for evaluating an MLM company, find that they are not quite as happy with their current opportunity once they have done the evaluation.

I want to touch on just one of the important points here.

This point is related to doubling your income and your signup for your MLM business, without doubling the amount of work that you are doing. In particluar I'm talking about commission percentages.

Some big companies are paying out only thirty or thirty-five percent of their total income in commission. You could find smaller percentages depending on qualification rules and so forth. Iím just talking about overall here.

Really, a commission payout of 50% of total revenue overall would be considered very competitive. If a company has to manufacture a product, and had to develop it, and has to store it and so on, it could be very difficult for them to pay out commissions exceeding 50%.

Obviiously, a company with an information product would have an advantage in terms of costs.

iLearningGlobal pays out around 73 or 75%, somewhere in there. Diamond Rewards is also around 75% I'm not marketing any of these. I'm just giving you examples.

Here is how you double your signups, buy examining this percentage of payouts.

Realistically, it takes about the same amount of work to recruit someone, regardless of which company you are a part of.

You can make next to nothing in some companies due to your downline not meeting their production quotas or simply falling off.

Retention is important but not a subject for this article.

If one were to simply go from an opportunity which was paying out 30% of their total revenue to one in which the total payouts were 60%, that would effectively double one's income. So pick a Sales Volume and then factor in a 2X commission for that sales volume and then the decision becomes very easy.

There are only a couple opportunities that I know of that pay 100%

One of those is called Infinity Downline.

Infinity Downline is in actuality an affiliate membership program wherein the membership is $25 per month and each person you enroll pays you $25 per month, with no admin fee.

I first wondered where the company was making their money. They have other means of creating profit such as offering different marketing tools and services. But the commission payout for Infinity Downline 100%.

For each member you enroll you earn a $25 per month residual income.

The comp plan I go over in a different post.

100% payouts.

After 12 years in network marketing I donít think Iíve ever seen a company that paid out 100% until I came across this one. Like I said, I know of only two that do this and the other is also owned by the same people.

So, if your current company is paying out 50% or less you can theoretically double your income with the same amount of work by incorporating Infinity Downline.

To really maximize profits in your Infinity Downline business, or any other business, be sure to see the resource box and follow the links.

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