How To Detox at Home - A Gentle Cleansing Plan

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If you have looked into detox at home plans, you may be a leery of the idea because of giving up food. Drinks containing a lot of strange and unappetizing ingredients might not be your "cup of tea". First of all, you should know that regimens such as these are often very good for you, providing you don't go into it the plan too quickly. Second, you should also know that you can detox your liver without giving up food. You just have to incorporate the right foods and leave out the worst when learning how to detox at home.

Detox at Home - Foods You Need / Foods You Don't

If you choose this milder form of detox, you will be eating mostly vegetables and fruits. Most vegetables can be eaten or juiced in unlimited quantities though there are some vegetables you should not eat during this time. Steer away from bananas (they can be constipating), potatoes and corn (too starchy). Peas can be eaten but should be considered a legume instead of a vegetable. The starches you consume should come from legumes and whole grains. You should always wash each piece thoroughly and eat the skins whenever possible.

Whole grains can be eaten twice every day. The best whole grains for detox are brown rice, steel cut oatmeal and 100% whole grain bread. Make sure none of the ingredients in your bread are refined. It is best to eat one portion in the morning and one portion in the evening.

You will be going vegetarian when learning how to detox at home. Dairy products and eggs are to be excluded as well. Allowable sources of protein are raw nuts, seeds and beans.

There are only two acceptable fats and these are olive oil and canola oil. It is recommended that you have two servings of these a day. A good way to incorporate them is to add them to vinegar or lemon juice to make a dressing. Do not eat mayonnaise, margarine, bottle dressings, vegetable oil or butter.

Your detox at home plan should include a gallon of water or more a day. Water helps to flush out the toxins that are being released into your system. This is essential if you wish to get the detox done quickly and without all the nasty side effects involved.

Young children, the elderly and people with certain medical conditions should not detox at home. If you are on medication or have any health concerns, you should see your doctor before starting a detox plan. While this is not a fast, it will be a big change for your body. Make sure you are healthy enough to detox at home.

Detox diets are naturally low in calories so it is best not to stay on them for longer than a week to 10 days. If you choose to go longer, you need to add proteins and yogurt to your daily menus. Salmon, tuna and chicken breast are all good low-fat proteins. Plain yogurt with active cultures may be mixed with fruit. This will give you calcium and help to keep yeast growth in the body at a healthy balance. It should be stressed again: When learning how to detox at home, it's always a good idea to include your doctor in on any detoxing plans you may have.

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