How To Correct Golf Grip Tips

By: Rick Lim

People think playing golf is as easy as getting hold of the golf stick like a normal baseball bat and then hitting the ball. Bu there is more to it than just that, it is not just that easy for one to hit a golf ball and it lands on the tee that easily.

If you do not have the correct golf grip it is hard to be considered a good golf player. This is because it all results to a bad swing always. It is then very important for one to have the correct golf grip.

The first thing one should do if you are a right hander is to hold the top of the golf club with your right hand. Then your left hand should naturally from the shoulder, your hand being down the side of the golf club grip.

The left hand ends up turning slightly inwards, towards the body which is not wrong. The next thing is to bring the left hand from its hanging position and then place it against the golf club grip.

The one thing that should be noted is how the fleshy pad in your palm should run diagonally downwards to the shaft.

The next thing is to close the fingers of your left hand to form the perfect golf grip. The thing that should be noted is that the club should not be held too tight.

The pressure can be likened as to holding a tube of super glue that may result to one being damaged if not held carefully. It should be tight enough to hold but not too much to squeeze the glue out and make a mess.

The other thing for a correct golf grip is to place your thumb on top of the grip.

It should be a little to the right centre of the grip as you look down on it. The left thumb should not be pushed too far as it tends to give the feeling of a more solid grip yet it has the exact opposite effect.

This is because it ends up preventing the thumb to support the club at the top of the backswing.

The last final step to a correct golf grip is to bring your right hand from its natural and original position as you lay the club to the fingers. The index finger and the thumb should form a kind of trigger around the grip.

The last thing is to rest the little finger of your right hand into the groove formed by the first and second fingers of the left hand.

With all this steps followed carefully it results to a good grip that results to a good swing like that of Tiger Woods.

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