How To Clean A Rug

By: Harold C. Cain.

If you are looking for a way to dress up any room then you cant go wrong with a nice rug. A rug can really tie a room together and make it feel complete. Without proper care a rug will gather dirt, dust, stains and instead of completing a room, it will make the entire area seem unwelcoming. The best way to clean a rug is to hire professionals to come in and perform the service. But if you cannot afford rug cleaners then you are going to have to clean the rug yourself. You may be intimidated at first but the process is easier than it seems.
In many cultures in which hand woven rugs are widely used it is very common for people to remove their shoes before stepping on a rug. To prolong the life of your rug you should adopt and enforce this practice as well. Certain types of shoes like heels, boots, or anything with cleans can severely damage a rug, as well as drag in unwanted dirt from outside.
Cleaning a rug can take a while so it is best to make sure your rug needs cleaning in the first place. There are 2 ways to test your rug for dirt. You can pick up one of the corners of your rug, and kick the back of it. Carefully watch and see if a cloud of dirty wafts out. If so then you should clean the rug. Another way is to rub your hand across the rug. If your hand is covered in dirt and dust after rubbing the carpet then you should also clean your rug.
After you determined your rug needs cleaning you must first remove it from the room. Roll it up and place it outside or at least in a well ventilated area. Clean up and dust and dirt left behind by the rug. First lay the rug flat and vacuum both sides (top and bottom). Take extra precaution when vacuuming the underside, you dont want to pull any threads out. After each side has been vacuumed you can start to shampoo your rug. Prop the rug on a clothes line and scrub it with a brush and a mixture of water and rug shampoo. Dont scrub against the weave of the rug or you can damage it. After it has been scrubbed you can begin the rinse process. Douse the rug with water or spray it with a hose. After removing the excess water lay it flat again and leave it to dry over night. Vacuum the rug again after it is dry to make the rug soft again.
For best results in rug cleaning it is good to regularly clean your rug. With proper care you can efficiently keep your rug looking its finest for years. But if you feel that you dont have the proper tools or knowledge for such a task it is best to hire professionals.

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