How To Choosethe Right Soap Dispenser For Your Needs

By: Sean Glynn

There are so many soap dispensers on the market. How do you know which soap dispenser is the right soap dispenser for you?
Firt well done! By considering a soap dispenser, you might not be aware but you have already chosen to help the environment. Soap dispensers are inherently environmentally friendly because they dispense i.e. provide a carefully controlled amount of soap for your use. This limits the use of detergent and therefore keeps the carbon footprint low as well as helping by putting less chemicals into the grey water treatment systems, again lowering the carbon footprint.

Soap dispensers come in many different shapes, sizes, colours and styles. Some soap dispensers mount on walls and mirrors other soap dispensers can be mounted in and on counter tops. The two most common types of soap dispensers are cartridge and bulk soap dispensers. Both types of soap dispensers can use multiple types of soaps and come in many different styles. The most economical but not necessarily the best for the environment, is the bulk type soap dispenser. Bulk soap dispensers are filled by pouring soap out of a container into the soap reservoir of the soap dispenser. Unfortunately the bulk liquid tends to be the pink gloop or its equivalent. This pink gloop contains a large number of chemicals that certainly do our environment no good whatsoever. The advantage of the bulk soap dispenser though is cost and it is still better than using all those little bottles of shampoo and the associated plastic waste they produce.

The easiest soap dispenser to use and manage is the cartridge type soap dispenser, sometimes known as the soap dispenser that uses either a cartridge or the bag in the box soap. The most economical and incidentally also the best soap dispenser for the environment is the Illi Soap Dispenser this soap dispenser is manufactured in Denmark. You might wonder but it is a soap dispenser!

This Illi soap dispenser is so environmentally friendly that it carries the Nordic Swan eco label. That is correct the Nordic Swan Eco label. The Nordic Swan Eco label sets this soap dispenser apart from its competitors by acknowledging openly that it helps to preserve the environment. It does come at a price though and is very difficult to get hold of. The UK stockist is Simply Inspired Ltd. Simply Inspired Ltd have a web-based shop under A bit of a mouthful but well worth a visit if you value the environment want and can afford something a bit special by way of a soap dispenser.

The Illi Soap Dispenser has cartridges for an All over shampoo call Hair Body and Hands. It has Shampoo with Vitamin E added. It has a pleasant mild soap ideal for hand washing there is even a body milk cartridge. These cartridges can all be interchanged without any cleaning at all, which makes the Illi Soap dispenser incredibly versatile. Probably the most versatile soap dispenser on the soap dispenser market today.

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By Sean Glynn (soap | soaps)Self appointed expert on soap

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