How To Choose A Good Website Host

By: lobardgreg

Picking a service to host your site can seem like a mammoth task, particularly if its not something youve ever tried to do before. Those new to running a website might be wondering how to make the decision when there are simply so very many options so weve put this together to tell you how. Its a simple how-to guide to choosing a web host, but it should help you get started.
1. Decide In Advance What You Need From Your Domain
There are a lot of different reasons people get private domains, and it's unlikely that all of them will apply to you. You'll need to spend some time thinking about exactly what you need your website to do at a domain level: are you simply after a space to put a webpage, or will you want to host files and other media there as well? Are you expecting to get a lot of traffic and a high server load, or is your page likely to be pretty quiet? Will you be wanting to use your domain as an email address, and if so how many different emails will you need?
2. Look At A Variety Of Options Before Making A Decision
Just because you've found somewhere that does everything you need at a price you can afford, that doesn't mean that it's the best choice for you. Spend a little time looking for various different places that fit your criteria, and think for a little while about the pros and cons of each before you actually take the plunge and buy yourself the domain you want.
3. Resist The Temptation To Buy More Than You Really Need
There are so many different packages available from various places now that it can be very difficult indeed to figure out which one is right for you, but it's not a good idea to respond to that by getting the largest you can possibly afford. There's no need to spend that much money, and it's a waste of bandwidth as much as it is anything else; there's no harm in giving yourself a little room for manoeuvre, but do bear in mind that you can always upgrade in the future and there's no harm in being conservative at first.
4. See If You Can Test Their Customer Support Before Buying
This won't always be possible, but if you can find out what their customer support is like before you actually take the plunge by contacting them with a question about your options, for example you'll get a much better idea of the kind of assistance you can expect from them in the future. If there's ever a problem, you want to feel safe in the knowledge that your domain hosts will be both willing and able to help you sort it out.
5. Never Forget That You Can Take Your URL With You If You Go
If you've done this right, the people you're renting internet space from won't own your URL you will. This means that you can just as easily register it with a different service if you want to move on from your current hosts, assuming that you're happy to wait till the end of your contract with them.

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If you've done this right, the people you're renting internet space from won't own your URL you will. Web Hosting Providers

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