How To Choose A Bluetooth Headset For Your S4

By: Cletus Sargent

If youíve splashed the cash on Samsungís latest smartphone, you might be wondering whether you should keep your old Bluetooth headset. The great news is that the latest headsets pack more features for prices similar to last yearís products. To help you choose the best Bluetooth headset for your S4, here are the top features to look out for.

Increase Your Productivity

If you already use a headset, youíll be aware of how much more you can accomplish. For busy individuals, headsets equipped with volume and answer buttons allow you to multi-task and stay focused without being absorbed by your phone. A great feature to look out for that will further increase your productivity are headsets that come with a rechargeable carrying case; by charging the headset when you donít need it, you are not only preventing accidental damage but also ensuring that you can work longer without your headset letting you down.

Improve Your Posture

Just like its predecessor the S3, Samsungís new S4 will pair with any Bluetooth product. Given the 5" screen this will tempt many people to invest in Bluetooth keyboards and mice. Headsets free you from the constraints of wires and they allow you to sit more naturally and comfortably. This not only saves your posture but lets you work harder and longer without becoming fatigued. Instead of clips that loop over your ears, the latest 'ear budí headsets fit with surprising comfort as they have different sized buds included. This is great news if you wear glasses but even if you donít you should consider loop-less headsets as they are extraordinarily comfortable for long-term use.

Hear Better

If you want the light-weight comfort of an in-ear headset, you know the importance of choosing one with decent noise cancellation. While this technology commonly works with 2 microphones (one for your voice and the other to analyze background noise), the latest headsets have 3-mic noise cancellation technology. The third microphone kicks in when background noise reaches a high decibel level and this helps the headset to process your voice more accurately. The person you are talking to can hear you clearer as a result.

Customize Your S4

It is worth looking for headsets that let you check the remaining charge on your S4ís screen. The latest headsets are shipped to be compatible with free apps created by the headset manufacturer. Be sure to look out for headsets that include app support as youíll be able to download the app to your S4 and improve your headsetís functionality. Besides improving the quality of your headset-phone pairing, these apps offer improved 'one-touchí pairing and some even let you control all of your communication devices via your S4.

Be Selective About Where You Buy

With headsets, comfort is almost as important as quality so ideally you should test out many different sets to find the best fit before you buy. If shopping online, ensure that you are guaranteed a swift return or replacement if the headset you choose isnít right for you. A well-fitting headset can really change the quality of your work and communication, so itís worth taking the time to find a set thatís a great fit.

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