How To Catch a Cheating Husband

By: Pauline Stradlen

Make a note of anything that you find which may be at all incriminating. You will not be able to remember everything you find, as you are under more than a stress already. Keeping large amounts of information in your mind is a difficult task at the best of times.

It is important that you keep track of all suspicious activities, note down the dates and times. For example does your husband regularly go to the gym? When he gets home check to see if his towel is wet -in other words has he had a shower. It will be easier for you to track patterns in his behaviour if you have all of this on paper.

Always pay close attention to everything your husband says or does. You may have noticed a strange behavior one day but you're not really sure if he has done it before, if you write it all down you will be 100% confident that he has changed some crucial habit, or created a new one.

It is completely up to you how far you want to look into your husband's personal life. Some people believe there are certain boundaries that should not be crossed, but it is up to you to do whatever you feel comfortable with. Remember that if he is cheating the end will always justify the means.

One very important thing to keep an eye on is your phone bill, if you start noticing numbers that you do not recognize you should be very wary of what your partner is up to. All too often the simple mistake of calling their new girlfriend/boyfriend is what catches them out in the end.

When you finally track down that tangible, physical evidence, take note of exactly how and where you found it. Ensure that you don't leave any evidence of your investigation behind, make copies of all important paper work or emails and leave the originals as you found them. You do not want to arouse your husbands suspicions until you are ready to confront him. Keep all you evidence in a safe place preferably out of the house.

When you think you have accumulated all the evidence you need, and you're ready to confront your husband, make sure you have a plan! Write-down all the questions and accusations so that you won't lose track. Have all the evidence prepared as it is important that you have a watertight case, don't confront him until the evidence clearly points to his infidelity. You must prepare yourself for him to continue lying is will be a very emotional time for both of you.

You should always follow your intuition, it is very powerful and will lead you to the truth.

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