How To Catch Crappie -9 Steps to Crappie Fishing Success!

By: mark fleagle

!p>Old School Crappie Fishing Family Secrets
Crappie fishing tips #1 Nature's Automatic "fish finder
If you have been a outdoorsman for any length of time I am sure you have noticed that old mother nature is a pretty smart cookie. Before we go fishing for crappie we read up on the latest crappie fishing techniques on how to catch crappie, Surf the net for new crappie fishing tips, go to the sporting goods store looking for new tackle, talk to our fishing buddies, ect.
And just think I haven't even started to talk about the money we spend to get ready to go fishing for crappie, like purchasing crappie fishing poles,reals,tackle gas to get there and food to eat. Once we get where we're going , we spend half an hour looking unloading and talking about how to catch crappie and how many fish we are going to catch.
My point is we are missing out on a very valuable fishing indicator and one of the best fish finders available, and it's all free! It's mother nature. If you watch the birds swoop down into the water and pick up a fresh meal and mean watch them closely, what do you think they are picking up out of the water?
Yep, you got it, Minnows! Food for the crappie! If we have any sense we will use the birds a valuable resource when we go fishing for crappie and learn how to catch crappie.Watch the birds and where they are landing, birds can be the cheapest and most reliable fish finder you will ever use.
8 More simple crappie fishing tips on how to catch crappie
tip #2 Locate underwater crappie structure, put your bait on and cast or drop your line right at the very edge of the crappie structure.
tip #3When you are going to be fishing for crappie from a boat and you have located underwater crappie structure you want to fish anchor right over the center of the structure. Extend your rod and drop your line so you are fishing on the very edges of the structure, not right inside. Fishing inside, or in the middle of a fallen tree wont be effective, you need to try the edges. This is one crappie fishing tip that you need to be serious about when you are learning how to catch crappie.
tip #4 Drop your bait down until it hits the bottom.
tip#5 until Real your bait up about 1 foot.
tip#6 If you don't get any bites, rotate your real handle again to come up one more foot.
tip#7 Keep going , a foot at a time until you start getting hits.
tip#8 As soon as you start getting bites, make a mental note, or write down how far you reeled off the bottom and continue to fish that depth. Fish the entire structure edges at that depth.
Crappie fishing tips #9 "The old time secret how to fish for crappie tip " The Crappie Drive Thru"
tip #9a Pick up a dead animal (road kill). Make sure it is fresh and not rotted.
tip #9b Tie it to a branch that overhangs the water where you have caught crappie before.
tip #9c When the carcass starts to decaying maggots will fall into the water and drive the crappie into a feeding frenzy.
tip #9d If you are like me. and a little squeamish about collecting "road kill".. Take some netting, fill it with cheap meat you buy from the store, and tie in your overhang.
You will be amazed how this how to crappie fishing tip really works! you can catch crappie at this spot for a month or more.

Mark Fleagle Webmaster. 30+ Years Of Fishing Experience Expert Author At Click This Link To Find Out More About crappie fishing tips

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Mark Fleagle Webmaster. 30+ Years Of Fishing Experience Expert Author At Click This Link To Find Out More About crappie fishing tips

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