How To Become A Makeup Artist

By: Abbey Jons

If you have a penchant for colors, shades, styles and a desire to make someone look better, then being a makeup artist may be an apt career choice for you. Almost eighty percent young girls like to try out different makeup on themselves when they start to learn what a foundation is and what a nail polish is for. As the young princesses grow up, some of them lose that interest while some start experimentations of various cosmetic products on their friends. If this interest is still there in you then being a makeup artist would not only be a job you would like but you may end up being rich with.

How To Become A Makeup Artist

There are several ways to become a makeup artist and it would depend on you where you want to end up being. That would define the path you should take. For example, if you want to be a makeup artist for your family, friends and people in your social circle then you can be a self taught makeup artist.

There are several magazines that come up with makeup tips and there are books that offer you a makeup artist course (more like a guide) to help you to become a makeup artist yourself. However, this would limit your dream of being a makeup artist to known circles. If you want to become a professional makeup artist then you would have to enroll in a makeup school or a cosmetic company wherein you can get trained on not just makeup but skin types, the wide range of cosmetic products, safety methods and various other regulations.

Once you complete such a makeup course that is certified and recognized by the proper associations, you would have to opt for a license (depends on the state you are in) and it is only then that you can be a self employed makeup artist or work for a company or at a salon. Ideally, to become a makeup artist and a successful one, you can start off with the spa in the neighborhood or a cosmetic brand and gradually climb up the ladder until people know what you are capable of. It is similar to building a port folio, as a matter of fact, it is exactly that.

After you start as a makeup artist, build a port folio with the work you have done. You may want and try to develop a unique makeup style as well. Once you are an established makeup artist, the sky can be the limit in terms of work as well as income.

Turning to professional makeup artistry as a career will prove to be a wise move. Schooling should sharpen your skills and add new elements that you might not know about. When taking the makeup courses you get to have a fine understanding of what is expected of you as a professional artist in this field. If you downplay learning more on what you already know, you stand to put the possibilities of low customer satisfaction in your business. Therefore, take time out to attend a makeup school and further your skills.

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