How To Audition For Reality TV

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The Reality TV show phenomenon has opened the door for hundreds of audition, year round, looking for that “natural” sharp tongue personality to be on the next reality TV show. Finding a Reality TV show to audition for is the easy part, especially since our site Explore Talent alone has hundreds of casting call listed for reality TV shows auditions. The first thing you want to do is find a reality TV show audition that appeals to you or you think you would be interested in applying for. Make sure you read all the rules for qualification before submitting yourself in for an audition. You want to make sure also what you’re getting yourself into.

Most networks will make you sign liability waivers and you have to be certain you are comfortable with this type of situation. The next thing you have to do is prepare a video of yourself, as most reality TV show will request this. Our website Explore Talent has a great section on how to prepare your portfolio for a reality TV show audition. Make sure you make a video that will catch the producer’s attention as you are competing against thousands of other people. If the reality TV shows hosts a live audition than make sure you are ready to be there for the whole day as some reality TV show auditions last for 12-14 hours.

If there is a live reality TV show audition, then dress appropriate to what you think will impress the judges. Dressing boldly may or may not be held against you but you have gage the situation accordingly. A general rule of thumb is to feel comfortable with yourself because ultimately you are being chosen for your unique personality and character. Regardless if it’s a live audition or video audition have a good attitude about the situation. Reality TV shows can put stress on you emotionally and physically so make sure you come with a smile on your face to show the producers you are game for anything.

Generally, Reality TV show auditions are not live and instead you are expected to submit a video audition of yourself. However, some Reality TV shows do host live auditions and there are different techniques and tips you should know before attending one. The first thing is that you should make sure you allow yourself the whole day for the audition. Many reality TV shows have hundreds of people auditioning so the process is long and tedious, so be prepare to stay anywhere from 12-14 hours. Since the hours are extremely long, make sure you bring with you snacks and water to keep you energized for the whole day.

You want to dress appropriate for the audition but you may also want to bring two pair of shoes. Since you may be standing in long lines for a long period of time having your comfortable shoes on while you’re waiting in line. The last thing you want is to be tired when you go in for your audition. While you’re waiting in line or hanging around waiting for your Explore Talent audition, talk to the other people that are auditioning or if you’re lucky talk to someone who has already auditioned. Some of these people may have insight into the audition process and give you details on what they think the producers are looking for. Now, some of these people will have great advice while others may be completely off.

Be sure you can decipher between what’s good advice and what’s junk. If you haven’t already, there are several other articles on our website Explore Talent that will aid you on different aspects of the Reality TV show audition process. Make sure you read all these articles to better understand all the elements of a reality TV show audition.

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