How To Attract Women

By: Maurice Jackson

Want to find out what the secret is to attract women? The best thing is that there isn't a set of standard procedures that you need to follow to get women. Perhaps, that's why it's bad. Since I can only give you guidelines I can't give you the exact script on what to say to guarantee your success.What I can provide you with is a list of common elements that women in general find attract. You need to have these things as part of your life if you want to succeed with women.Attracting women does not require good looks, money or any of the other "must haves" that movies say you need. Having heaps of money and being good looking is not a bad thing though, just not required.So the things you need to know in order learn how to attract women are:- You let her realize that you are not interested in being a normal friend - Do you wonder why this is the case? If you're just a friend, then you are just that. I do not know why. It just happens that way. - You are a man - Women like men! Why do guys act like girls? It's got a direct correlation with the garbage that media tells you about how you need to be more of a sensitive metro homosexual male. You know what. Women have been drawn to men who were acting like guys for well... the good part of human existence. Maybe if you stopped acting like a metrosexual guy you would be more successful with women. - You come across as a high status male - Mentioned earlier, women have always been attracted to men who act like men. Why is this? Because these guys have a higher social status. There is no need for for money or flashy cars to let her know this. All that is needed is for you to show her in your personality that you are a male of high status. - You are a challenge - Put simply, people like things they can't have. This is doubly the case if she can't get you! I wonder if you asked yourself why sluts in society get no respect? It's because they are not a challenge at all. It is the same thing with attracting members of the opposite sex. You must be a challenge! - You are not a wuss - That means, you say no to girls and their demands! You make interesting demands from her in exchange for you being nice to her. Eg. I ask what's in it for me if a girl wants something from me? What is the reason for you to do these things? The reason for this is because you want to let her know that you're a high social status male and you don't just do things for anyone. They have to earn it!That's just a quick run through of things you need to know if you want to know how to get girls.

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