How To Assist Woman After Her Decision To Have An Abortion

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Deciding to have an abortion is one of the most complicated, emotional and difficult decisions most women who are faced with it will ever make in their lives. It is a very personal decision, so if a woman has trusted you enough to share this information with you, it is important that you keep your own opinions on the subject to yourself. There are many ways you can help a friend or loved one who has decided to have an abortion.

The key way to help is to just listen without judgment. Ask how you could help. She might call for assistance identify the options, such as if it is too late to take the morning after pill or if abortions are covered by her insurance plan. Offer to make messages or calls for her and help her to understand the possibilities.

You need to respect her wants. Tell her you are available to go along with her to the appointment, but do not push yourself on her or make it for her to feel obligated to take. She could be thankful for the company, but she might also want to have someone else go with her or to go alone.

If she is going alone, ask if you possibly can drive her to the procedure and pick her up after the procedure is over to take her home. In case she is silent, do not try to fill the silence with comforting or upbeat chatter. You need to give her space and merely drive her home, see to it that she gets inside safely and tell her to call you when she needs anything.

A grocery store bag loaded with feminine pads, over the counter pain relief medication and a number of food staples is a thoughtful gesture to hand her as you drop her at your home. Include a treat, including chocolate bars or ice cream, plus some frozen meals or canned soup. Slip in a book or maybe movie you know she's been wishing to check out. It is alright to offer to stay with her. She may well not want to be alone. Leave without having protest when she declines.

Send her a text or email a couple of time after you leave to check in. She might not exactly feel like talking yet. Call the next day to know if she needs anything. Always listen and help her out in any way she asks in the months following the procedure.

Women, who want to get an abortion done, must remember the following few points before they make their final decision. If they make a hasty decision, the physical and mental consequences of their decision will haunt them throughout their lives.

- Getting an abortion done and hiding it from your parents may not be a good idea. You may say that your parents will get wild and may go to any extent such as breaking the relationship with you for ever. But, you must understand that your parents have had their share of disappointments during their lives. Whatever disappointments they may have had in the past might not have been of this magnitude. Nevertheless, since they have survived many disappointments in life, you can expect that they will survive this also. It is better and fair to take them into confidence so that you will not have the additional stress of having hidden such a vital fact from your parents.

- Another reason you may come out with for getting an abortion done is that you are not able to support yourself independently and so, you will not be able to support a child also. It is true that financial problems are quite difficult to bear but you have several possibilities to surmount these problems. When you know that you are pregnant, you can try and change many things in your life within those nine months. Supposing you are not able to change anything on the financial front, you can even hand over a child to an adoptive home.

- You may also say that abortion is legal. But, so are many other things like gambling, smoking and drinking. Legal provisions cannot be taken as a reference point when you make emotional choices.

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