How San Diego Acupuncture Heals

By: Allen Stovall

Acupuncture is different in its approach, its philosophy and its treatments. Most practitioners focus on the symptoms; San Diego Acupuncture heals by focusing on the Causative Factor.

It is the understanding in Classical Acupuncture that we are all born or develop early in our life an imbalance within one of the Five-Elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. This imbalance then becomes the Causative Factor in the illness throughout our lifetime.

It is important to consider, that Classical Medicine saw illness as a message of the spirit. It was through this message and symbol of illness that guided the person in their life path. This is similar to the concept of the Causative Factor.

There are many types of Acupuncture providers. Unlike other practitioners that are trained simply to alleviate symptoms, a skilled practitioner looks past the symptoms to the Causative Factor of the illness. This is often psycho-spiritual in nature. Ask your San Diego Acupuncture provider if they are a certified classical Five-Element Acupuncture practitioner or if they have an Advanced Teaching
certificate in Classical Five-Element Acupuncture from the Worsley Institute. If they do not, you are likely working with an Acupuncture provider that is unskilled and unaware of the deep possibilities of healing that are capable with the medicine.

Why is there such a difference in San Diego Acupuncture providers? During the
Cultural Revolution in China Acupuncture was initially discouraged and in some areas outlawed and Western Medicine was encouraged as it was perceived as modern. China wanted to be perceived as a modern nation. The Chinese Government soon realized the shortage of doctors was so severe it had to incorporate Acupuncture into their new healthcare system. This new style of Acupuncture that emerged was based on what
was known as the Barefoot Doctor or village doctor treatments. These treatments were designed to alleviate symptoms until the Acupuncture Doctor made their rounds through the village. Classically it took 10-15 years to become a doctor of Acupuncture. China needed to create a system to teach a simplified system to large amounts of people. This led to the creation of the modern style of Acupuncture which is called Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM. Many Acupuncture schools do not
explain this to their students and often deny this completely.

Most Acupuncture schools today teach these specific protocols for symptom relief regardless of the person. This is an allopathic approach to a spiritual medicine. This type of Acupuncture is not only discouraged, but the Classics of the medicine call this the lowest form of Acupuncture.

It is important to remember the political turmoil in China during this time, which influenced the medicine. Spiritual aspects of the medicine was outlawed and some Classical Acupuncture practitioners were even shot and some re-educated into the new system of Acupuncture.

Fortunately, in Europe there were no restrictions or changes in the medicine as there was in China. As China changed theory and locations of Acupuncture points, teachers such as Professor Worsley continued to teach the Classical approach to the medicine. He called this approach Classical Five-Element Acupuncture to distinguish it from the new style of allopathic Acupuncture being taught.

Classical Five-Element Acupuncture is unlike modern Acupuncture that is taught in the USA today. It is a style of Acupuncture, which is based upon treating the psycho-emotional and spiritual aspects of the patient. In doing this, the body responds in healing.

This style of Acupuncture is based upon the Classics of the medicine which are rarely if ever taught in the USA. The Ling Shu states that "Acupuncture, first and foremost is based upon the spirit."

San Diego Acupuncture heals in a profound way. Acupuncture is not simply a physical therapy. It is a way for people to develop greater awareness of themselves as spiritual beings.

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Allen Stovall is the owner of San Diego Acupuncture and is a San Diego Acupuncturist

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