How Roller Shutters Improve Your Home

By: Tristan Crosby

Roller shutters are easy to use and look very attractive, but you might be surprised to know that they have many other practical benefits that will improve your home. For example, these shutters can reduce your heating bill by about 70% during the winter. If you want to improve your home without doing major construction or remodeling, then roller shutters are the perfect addition to any room.

Reduce Energy Bills

Perhaps the most practical benefit of roller shutters is that they dramatically reduce your energy bills. Your heating and cooling systems have to do a lot of work throughout the year to keep you warm or cool, depending on the season. One of the best ways to reduce your energy bill is to ensure that the warm or cool air stays in the house. Quality roller shutters are able to reduce 90% of the sun's heat from getting into the house during warmer months, and they also retain about 70% of the warm air from your heater during the colder months. This translates into major savings.

Fewer UV Rays

Everyone knows that the UV rays from the sun can damage your skin if you are outside too long without protection, but most people don't know that these same rays can damage their property. The sun can ruin your carpet, furniture and other objects. For example, objects that are kept near a window will often lose their original color because the sun is bleaching them. Since roller shutters are thick and capable of blocking out the sun, your property won't have to suffer the damaging effects of these UV rays.

Less Noise

Do you often have cars, noisy neighbors and other types of disturbances passing by your home? This can be infuriating because the noises might interrupt your sleep or concentration. One of the best ways to reduce the noise is by using thick roller shutters. The shutters will muffle and deflect up to 50% of the outside noise so that you can have peace and quiet in your home.

Better Value

A home isn't just a place to sleep and eat. It's an investment that can make you a lot of money during the time to sell if you add value to it. Most things that add value to your home (like new carpeting, cabinets or a pool) are expensive and inconvenient to install. Roller shutters can be installed in a few minutes and they make your home much more valuable because people love their benefits and the way they look.

More Security

Roller shutters can also improve your security by effectively deterring burglars from breaking into your home. Unlike normal shutters that can be easily moved, roller shutters are thicker and more durable. A burglar will have a hard time breaking through your windows with these shutters in the way. The shutters also obscure vision so that the burglar won't be able to look through your windows to see if you are home. These difficulties will dissuade most potential burglars.


Roller shutters don't just look good. They also add a lot of value to your home. There are only that few additions that can simultaneously reduce your energy bills, improve security, lessen noise and protect your property without costing a massive amount of money. If you want to experience all of these benefits, then consider installing these shutters as soon as possible!

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