How Proper Skin Care Treatment Can Help You Avoid Aging

By: Marlene Lewis

Aging is what we eventually end up in be it early or latter part of our lives whether we like or not. Though it cannot be cured, it can be delayed or even avoided with proper skin care treatment.

When we grow old, our skin gets affected the most. It loses its elasticity and results in appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face, neck and hands.

With advanced technology and innovation, we constantly feel means and ways to prevent that situation such as healthy skin care programs and anti aging products with the aim of reducing aging. Most of those are advertised in local media like TV and newspapers and internet.

Understanding our primary concerns, they have the same goal of helping us to avoid signs of aging like wrinkles, crow's feet and other obvious fine lines.

Outside Factors Which Cause Aging

Before choosing whch product you should use, you need to know the outside factors which cause aging so as to avoid them.

If you still do not know or understand what I mean, here are my answers which will greatly help you avoid them and maintain a youthful, refreshed and glowing skin.

1. The Sun

The sun is the primary outside factor which results in aging.

Professionals explain that aging due to overexposure to the sun's ultra violet rays is called photo-aging.

During this process, the sun's rays disintegrates the collagen and elastin in the person's skin which resulted in the development of premature wrinkles and other facial lines.

You can defend yourself by staying away from the harmful rays of the sun by using sun blocks and sun screens which contained high SPF content.

You can also put on appropriate layers of clothing which help to protect your skin from the damaging rays and by reducing the time you spent outdoors in particular when the sun is rising especially in noons and afternoons.

2. Gravity Weight

Science indiciates that gravity weight attracts everything towards the earth. When people grow old, the gravity effects appears on the skin and creates an impact on elasticity.

3. Too Much Smoking

Nicotine is largely responsible for skin's aging. Studies have indiciated that smoking results in lines and wrinkles much faster as compared to others who do not smoke.

Skin gets damaged by nicotine due to its ability to block and close down the blood vessels in the outer layers of the person's skin. The consequences are decrease of blood and proper nutriation.

4. Numerous Facial Expressions.

People have numerous facial expressions. Those expressions are quite inevitable owing to the situation they are in.

When people produce facial expressions, this can develop into the emergence of lines in the face and neck.

5. Your Sleeping Position.

Although this might seem ridiculous, improper sleeping position is largely accountable for aging of the skin since that leads to to the visibility of wrinkles.

A good skin care habit should include adopting a sleeping position that can veer you away from forming lines on the face or even on your body.

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