How People Get Followers On Twitter

By: Robert Thomson

"How can I get more followers on Twitter?" this is a question that most Twitter users worry about . Most of us use Twitter for fun with friends and readers, the disciples reach the true path, without having to resort to dirty tactics of spam.

This is why we offer our own guide to Twitter in a way that does not involve flashing "Do you know who I am?" card. Here are six tips on how to win friends and influence Twitterers.

1) Fill out your bio

No matter if you are someone "important", think of a line or two describing who you are and what you're doing and fix it there. Be aware, also get something too weird or snarky, and maybe I did not write, at least to the casual observer perspective.

"I develop Mac software [company]," or "I am a writer for [publication]" or "lackeys call center professionals, amateur guitarist" are all decent bios that can quickly tell you that foreigners are and why they might care to follow you.

2) Be honest with yourself

Yes, it's old advice but it does no less true. Twitter users appreciate it when you said the things you want to say how you want to say. Do not waste time trying to think of the funniest way possible to say something, people can smell desperation a mile and not try to make her smarter or more intelligent than you are. Twitter community is largely composed of people who just like to tell others they want to follow real people, not the shell of the person you might be uncomfortable trying to pretend.

That said, everything I write seems to go against this. The key is finding a balance.

3) Participate In @ Replies

twitterfollowers.pngTwitter users love to feel as if you learn what they are saying and find compelling enough to engage in a brief back and forth from time to time. If you go out as a nice person who chit-chat with fans from time to time, more people will feel that you invite someone to follow. This is particularly important because you get more followers, although the Internet, people feel intimidated and lost in the crowd if they are one of thousands of people following your tweets. Throw them a bone and the response back to them when you @ reply or pay attention to things people say and comment.

At the same time, not @ reply to every single person on earth. If the Twitter stream is composed of too many @ replies, new people are less motivated to follow you. I'm not interested in continuing to review the conversations of all the 300 and my best friend, want to follow you, because some interesting things to say to you what you're doing.

Think of it this way: when strangers enter their Twitter page and see a full page of @ replies about the dark things he could not understand, unless they have followed all these other people, why would you follow? (Yes, some clients and client Twitter lets you block @ replies to people who have not yet completed, but the majority of Twitter users are using the Web client and / or SMS updates.)

4) On second thought, do not go overboard on something

Babbling about how her dog was frightened herself with her own fart is funny the first time, no time 62.

5) If you have nothing to say, no

No one expects to make an effort to tweet just for the sake Tweeting if nothing is popping in his head, of course. I thank you for your followers not so.

6) Do not give yourself an ulcer, when the followers to go

There are several reasons why someone might "Stop watching" you, and not all of them are linked to you too much or too @ reply on Twitter baby barfing on you. Sometimes people realize that you are not talking about the things they expected to talk to you, or they thought you were someone else, or they just want the consequences for many people and start making cuts. (I have lost two in writing this piece, and I did not even twittering!) Of course, you want to make sure not to irritate too many people at once, but above all, lose a few supporters here and there does is not a big deal. Just keep on keepin 'on and you'll get the few supporters, plus some extras in no time.

There are no explicit rules about using Twitter, of course, and, finally, people are going to use as they see fit, that the beauty of a flexible social. However, if you follow these unwritten rules of etiquette to be a good Twittizen, you should have no problem and more followers of the good old days.

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