How Much Money Could I Save With An Electricity Monitor

By: Chriss Tyrrell

Believe it or not, when the very first home electricity monitors originally came out on the market they were viewed by the public as pretty much novelty items. These were not what the public had been demanding. They wanted things like those mythical devices that supposedly made it possible to run vehicles on water.

The Very First Homeowners to Try Out the Devices

How on earth can a simple device that does absolutely nothing in itself to cut energy usage, save a person so much as one thin penny? Fortunately, there were and still are very inexpensive to buy, so a few homeowners did bring them into their homes simply out of curiosity. After all, connecting them up was as simple as clamping a sending device over a wire on the meter box.

So Just How Do They Save You Money?

Now just how do these energy monitoring devices, in the end, save you money. Quite simply they don't. They do however give you the means to limit your energy usage in certain areas, if you choose to. As a result, just about virtually everyone who has purchased a device of this type and connected it up in their home has saved money. As a matter of fact, it's difficult not to.

How About a Car With No Speedometer In It?

Imaging of you will, trying to abide by traffic speed laws if you didn't have a speedometer in your car. It's the exact same principle but with these devices, it gets even better than that because they can teach you things that you never imagined you would find out. Things like the fact that your TV can be consuming up to 75% of the power that it uses when its turned off.

So Many Things You Can Do and Learn With Them

Also you can find out in an instant precisely how much any appliance costs you to operate (over a years time). No matter what size that appliance is. You can find out things, such as if any appliances in your home have a malfunction that's causing them to use more power then they are supposed to. In fact you can even calculate each months electricity bill before the meter reader has even taken his or her monthly reading.

Do These Home Energy Monitoring Devices Pay For Themselves?

So how much money will you end up saving? In the end that's entirely up to you but one thing is for sure and that is that it doesn't take long for the savings to cover the cost of your monitoring device. Thats because the least expensive of them carry price tags of as little as $50 US while the more extravagant models run in the area of some $150 US.

Use Them To Examine Your Friends and Relatives Energy Usage

In fact in many homes, the energy savings can cover the cost of the device in as little time as one week. After that, it's all money in the bank. Another great thing about these types of energy usage monitors is that they are so portable. Simply unhook the sender from the main wire on the fuse box and away it goes. Take it to your friends or relatives homes to check out their energy usage.

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