How Much Do You Value Your Health?

By: Gen Wright

Studies have shown that 'exercise deficiency syndrome' is the biggest health risk we face once we get past 30 years and as the years start to accumulate. Thanks to modern technology and mechanization most of us can totally avoid any physical 'work' in the course of our day. Nothing we do any more requires any real effort as we sit most of the day at our work and sit in the evenings maintaining our addiction to television.

We are slowly becoming aware of the negative impact this is having on our health. Even children being born today are predicted to have a 20-30 year shortened lifespan. One of the main reasons for this is there is simply not enough vigorous physical activity left in our lives for a human being to remain healthy.

Most of us probably view any sort of exercise as 'work', which is probably the biggest reason we likely avoid it. Well, you are correct, exercise is 'work' and is the hard labor that our ancestors were required to do to stay alive. We not longer need to work to stay alive but we do still need this work to remain healthy whether we like it or not.

We are now aware of how much better our bodies function and how much longer they last when we get regular muscle building and maintaining exercise. Whether you choose to believe, accept and act on that reality or not will affect both the short term quality of your life and the longer term length of your life.

The symptoms of the 'disuse' are everywhere, overweight, obesity, lack of endurance, muscle weakness, stiffness and soreness, low back pain, low breathing capacity, intolerance to stress, increased blood fat levels, elevated resting heart rate and blood pressure, depression and the list goes on and on.

An exercise program is so vital to our wellness that not only does it make us feel so much better and happier, more alert and productive it also helps to prevent disease especially the 'big three' heart disease, cancer and diabetes that are epidemic in our modern world.

Vigorous physical activity on a regular basis is needed in order to prevent our bodies slowly sliding down the slippery slope of deterioration. A proper exercise program is not an optional luxury, but a necessity if you wish to remain healthy and well.

It seems pointless to work hard all of your life then risk your life being cut short prematurely before you even have a chance to get to know your grandchildren that's if you even get to meet them. Imagine with just a bit of effort on your part a couple of times a week you could protect both your working life and your retirement years. The last third of your life could be just as enjoyable and productive as the first two thirds.

To receive the very best and quickest benefits from your exercise program it is important that it is set up properly by a fitness professional. The program needs to be mainly strength training exercise which will give you the 'most bang for your buck' in the way of results.

Forget long, slow, steady state recreational activities like walking, jogging or cycling. These things are great as part of an active lifestyle but can never ever replace a proper program of muscle building and maintaining exercise. This is the only type of exercise that will maintain our functional body units and to also keep a reserve physical capacity to handle emergency situations.

We actually have far more control over the rate and extent of the aging process than we previously thought. We don't have to sit and watch our life go by; we can take an active role in maintaining our wellness. Regular vigorous exercise is a very logical, cost effective way of reducing the risk of every chronic disease known to man.

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