How Many Eggs Should Eat Everyday More Better?

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Eggs are a high nutritional value of food, not only rich in quality protein, also contains more lysine and methionine, can make up for food grains and legumes lack of lysine or methionine. Egg yolk is rich in lecithin, on the promotion and improvement of people's memories of great benefit also contain more vitamins, minerals and lecithin and other ingredients beneficial to humans. "Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents": eat the right amount of fish, poultry, eggs and lean meat recommended amount: adult daily intake of 25 to 50 grams

Eat eggs every day, the problem often
1, a few eggs to eat every day?
Will eating eggs increase cholesterol levels, depending on the amount of food, there is research data show that eating one or two eggs a day for 3 months, no increase in serum cholesterol and blood lipid levels. Information is also a young man, a day to eat 10 eggs (fried), continuous consumption of 9 months after the emergence of high cholesterol and coronary heart disease.

The above example shows that if the right amount to eat eggs, not only does not promote the hardening of arteries Zhou Yang and coronary heart disease, contrary to human health.

High nutritional value of eggs, but egg yolk contains large amounts of cholesterol, 1510 mg per 100 Dakota, is the other animal food several times or even more. Therefore, some people think that eating eggs can elevated blood lipids, leading to the root cause of coronary heart disease, causing some people have "egg look intimidating," the fear, or eat egg white, egg yolk dropped the habit. First, it should be clear, cholesterol itself is a nutrient because the body needs each cell synthesis of cholesterol, hormones and other hormones and bile synthesis also needs cholesterol. Nervous system is also rich in cholesterol, the brain is the body which cholesterol.

Two eggs, about 700 milligrams of cholesterol, far beyond the experts of the daily cholesterol intake does not exceed the recommended 300 mg, and why can maintain cholesterol normal? Lecithin and cholesterol and rich in the form of the present. Is a strong emulsifier lecithin, cholesterol and fat particles become smaller, and keep the suspension will help the organization through the vessel wall lipids by the use of, so that the blood cholesterol reduction.

On the other hand, cholesterol and protein in the eggs together, can form a lipoprotein particle size divided according to their very low density lipoprotein, low density lipoprotein and high-density lipoprotein, the first two can be deposited in the vessel wall The latter there are clear role of cholesterol in blood vessel walls. In this way, the eggs in the lipoprotein itself can offset each other, cancel each other out. Consumption is not excessive as long as the normal population, do not have to worry about.

Eat "land eggs" or "foreign eggs."
The so-called "land eggs" refers to free-range chicken farm egg born, and "foreign egg" refers to specialized households synthetic feed farm raised chicken eggs under, two eggs, which is more nutritional value high?

There are still a lot of controversy, some people believe that the growth of chicken in the natural environment, is to eat natural foods, natural egg quality of output would be better, and the general farm production of eggs should be produced using a special layer species and artificial feeding, the nutritional value of eggs as the soil. Therefore, even if prices are many, many people are still willing to buy eggs in the soil do, especially to the elderly, pregnant women and children to eat, then the "earth eggs" and "foreign eggs," What's the difference in the end, what nutritional value higher?

First, we should determine what is the real meaning of "chicken", "chicken" should be fully stocked, there is no special diet, mainly insects, vegetables, weeds, etc. for the food. This machine unbalanced nutrition, egg under the head is relatively small, thick shell, egg yolk greater, because eating more leafy green vegetables, egg yolk carotenoids in the higher classes, so the yolk color deeper. After selection in the chicken farm, captive, eat the feed ratio is a scientific, comprehensive and balanced nutrient content, eggs produced in relatively large head, but the yolk is no "land eggs" big.

Compare the nutrient content from the "land eggs" of fat and cholesterol content than the "foreign eggs" high, and calcium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese content and the "foreign eggs," similar. , Soil eggs taste better.

Therefore, "land eggs" and "foreign eggs," the nutritional value of their own strengths, people can choose according to their preferences.

Red eggs, white eggs, which even better?

People buy eggs, it is care about its color, red eggs than white eggs that the high nutritional value, they also buy a special love to pick the red one. In fact, whether red or white eggs, egg, and its nutritional value is not very different.

"Food Composition Table" shows: white and red eggs are about 12% protein content, fat content is the red one slightly higher, 11.1%, slightly lower 9.9% white; no difference between the two carbohydrate obvious; lower vitamin A content of red, white higher; vitamin E is less red, white high; other nutrients compared to the difference is not obvious.

Eggshell color is determined by the genes, and the nutritional content of eggs has little.
Can be seen, eat eggs, one egg can be either conditional population of wood to buy some real eggs might also be that we ordinary people ate ordinary eggs, as long as there is awareness of the eggs and other foods with a reasonable, can take full advantage of the nutritional value of eggs.

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