How Long To Cure A Yeast Infection

By: Jason King..

The time it takes to cure a yeast infection is different for everyone. Most of the time the sufferers that want to know this are the people that are having trouble curing themselves. Until you find the reason why you're suffering from Candida overgrowth then the time it takes to cure your infection can be months.
Candida is responsible for your infection, and this organism is mutating in your body into an aggressive fungus. Your symptoms are a result of this fungus feeding on the skin cells on the inside of your vagina.
Your body is now allowing the yeast to mutate so you have to find out why. If you keep using the same anti fungal drugs in an attempt to cure your infection then you're just going to make the infection drug resistant. To cure your infection you must find out why the Candida yeast is mutating, and then treat the infection from there.
Your body has natural defenses that have been compromised to allow the Candida to mutate. One of these is your colony of friendly bacteria in your intestines. These friendly bacteria keep the yeast under control so it doesn't mutate. When your numbers of friendly bacteria are low the yeast grows in numbers, and then it's strong enough to mutate into an infection causing fungus.
Your diet can be causing the fungus to keep growing in numbers. Fungus loves sugar and any foods that contain sugar. These foods need to be avoided if you want to cure your infection as soon as possible.
Diabetes is another reason why yeast mutates into a fungus. Diabetes raises blood sugar levels so you have an environment in your body that the fungus can thrive in. If you know that you're suffering from diabetes and you're having trouble curing your yeast infection then you should see your doctor. Your doctor can change your medication so your blood sugar levels are kept under better management.
You'll be able to cure your infection when you discover the reason why the yeast is mutating in your body. The fungus that is feeding on the skin cells in your vagina will slowly destroy your health from the inside if you allow it to.

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