How Lighting Can Improve Your Well Being

By: Tom Sanderrs

It is well known that many people suffer from the "winter blues." How you light your house can also affect your mood. One of the best things you can do to improve your home is to make it cheerful and livable. You can do this easily and relatively cheaply by upgrading your lighting fixtures.
Many older houses with older lighting systems can be a little dreary. The lighting systems of the past were simply not as bright or as efficient as today. It is nice to go through your house with a critical eye and see where you can make it more cheerful by changing the lighting.
One of the most common areas to upgrade lighting fixtures is in the kitchen. Older kitchens where equipped were fitted with just a single ceiling light that doesn't do a very good job. Adding some new fixtures can make the room safer and more appealing. Under counter lights can bring light to dark areas or you might like to try track lighting to illuminate you work spaces. By far, the best upgrade is LED lighting, which is far more efficient and reliable.
Sitting rooms really benefit from smart lighting upgrades that bring light to dark areas that were previously flaws in design. You'd be surprised by how much a room can benefit from just a simple floor lamp or table lamp.
A mistake people commonly make is to make their bedroom too bright. This tends to create a harsh environment that is difficult to relax in. Dimming switches are a good idea if you need bright light occasionally but would like to be able to relax in a more romantic setting from time to time. Tiffany lamps use colored glass to uplift and relax people in the room and colored lights can be used to project soft yellows or oranges that bring a warm feeling to the room.
Kid's rooms need to be bright and happy. Younger children will benefit from a dimmer switch that can allow them small quantities of light during the night and adjust to full light again in the day. As children get older they need different light accessories for things like study areas.
Some bathrooms can be really dull, especially if they haven't been renovated and are more than 30 or 40 years old. The first thing you might like to do is get rid of that dull ceiling light that was first installed in 1945. Then, look at some track lights so you can change the mood when it suits you.
Modern lighting options and designs give you the chance to really play around with colors and themes. Lights do not always have to be bright to work well with your needs and a change in hue can bring life to a room you thought you'd have to change the decor to get.

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