How Important Is The Bowel For Our Health?

By: Lee Jacobs

Disease takes many different forms, and can manifest in almost an infinite number of pathologies. Regardless, it has now been established by many authorities that virtually all disease manifests within the bowel. Upon thinking about this further, it is not difficult to understand why, as the bowel is an area for elimination, and when elimination does not occur as it should, toxic compounds develop and over time lead to pathologies within the body.
When fecal matter stays in the body longer than 24 hours, rather than being eliminated promptly as it is meant to be, poisonous toxins build up in the bowel. This harmful matter is then absorbed by the portal vein and the toxins are passed on through the liver to the rest of the body. The proper elimination process has gone awry and the body becomes ill.
Over the years the human body has adapted to our modern diet by recruiting more and more of the immune system to where it is needed most to fight of pathogenic attack - as difficult as it is to believe, food has become one of the biggest threats to the modern day man! Over 80% of the body's immune system now resides in the gut, and is called Gut Associated Immune Tissue or GALT for short.
The human physiology has developed in response to changes that take place over very long periods of time. What has happened is that within the period of less than 100 years, we have moved from a diet consisting primarily of raw vegetables, fruits and legumes to a diet that is mostly processed - resembling in no way, shape or form food that the body's immune system recognizes.
When we consume food that has been processed, our immune system launches an attack against this invading mass - which is nothing short of being a problem in the long term, as this is the beginnings of an auto immune type disease. When we say processed food, we mean grains that have had their outer husks removed, fats that have been hydrogenated, sweeteners that do not have a glucose base, etc. This immune response even begins before the food mass hits the lower aspects of the bowel, but rather starts when we begin to chew, as the body has such intelligence that it homeopathically intuits the nature of the food and prepares the lower digestive system accordingly. White blood cells, phagocytes, leucocytes and other immune markers pour into the digestive system in preparation for what is about to come. The whole immune system response can be circumvented by eating a healthy portion of raw food before the cooked or otherwise processed food.
Over cooked and processed food depletes the body's supply of enzymes and it does so very rapidly. The body has only a fixed amount of enzymes and once they are gone, they are gone. Natural and raw foods do not consume enzymes nearly as quickly and therefore allow the body to conserve them.
One thing for sure is that the body has a tremendous potential to regenerate itself if given the chance, but it goes without saying that we need to work to make this happen. As mentioned above, cleaning the bowel and removing the years of decay from within it is of utmost importance. It has been reported in many instances whilst bowel cleansing that objects eaten long ago have been seen again. One woman reported half a crayon eaten 40 years prior coming out, and another who hadn't eaten peas in over 25 years was visited by them again!
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Here's to restored health!

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This article is written by Lee Jacobs who is an Acupuncturist, and has been in the field of health for 13 years. He is interested in illuminating individuals and helping others return to a better quality of wellbeing. Please feel free to read more about the">miracle mineral supplement, and feel free to visit

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