How I Got More Than 157 Video Testimonials In Less Than A Week

By: David Michael Wood

A lot of people have been asking me how I've produced such quick results with my online business, and one of the things that has helped dramatically is that all of a sudden a few weeks back, there was an unbelievable EXPLOSION of testimonials about me.

So how did I get more than 157 video testimonials in a couple of weeks? Simple, really. This is something that I’m surprised a lot of other trainers haven’t done in their own personal businesses.

I was asked about a month ago by a leading internet marketer, Brian Fanale, how I was generating results so fast with my free online marketing methods. He was so blown away by what I told him that he asked me if I would be willing to train his entire marketing list on how I was creating such dramatic results with such a low marketing budget.

Well, I agreed to do the call under 2 conditions. The first thing I asked was that I get to market one of my affiliate products on the Webinar, which he was quick to let me do. (This is a product that I really believe in and use every single day.)

To make a long story short, I was using a secret traffic creation strategy that at first I was a little hesitant to share, but I agreed to teach it for free, if Brian allowed me to ask for a video testimonial in exchange from everyone who got real value out of my webinar. This might seem like a strange thing to ask for someone who’s not an experienced marketer, but those of you who have been online for a while are thinking ‘holy smokes, that’s smart.‘

Now, let me preface this with one thing, if you try anything like this to get video testimonials, it won’t work unless you provide real value to your list for free. (You can't just sell people all the time, they won't want to hear from you ever again if you do that). Here’s essentially what I did, I gave away EVERYTHING I was doing to people for free, in exchange for video testimonials.

Some people might shun asking for video testimonials in exchange for a training. Here’s what makes it legitimate, though. I asked people to only give me a testimonial if I actually benefited them in their business.
That way, I would only get real, live examples of what was working for others.

I was expecting about 50 video testimonials, and I got almost 200! Then, what I did was download them off of YouTube and I’ve been systematically broadcasting them across video sharing sites. Let me share with you WHY I’ve been doing what I’ve been doing. The reason I wanted to share this with you is because you can use this right away and do something like this with your own list, and if you've got a decent sized email list you can really get some fantastic results.

1. Video testimonials create social proof, and eliminate ’sales resistance’. Essentially, if people take a look at your site and it’s filled with people raving about how awesome you are, people will immediately trust your recommendations more. If you actually take the time to call leads you get, they’re like ‘holy smokes, this person with all the testimonials actually called me… I must be special.’ THAT is the most powerful reason to use them on your websites.

2. Video testimonials create backlinks and ‘buzz’ about your website. What I’m doing is broadcasting 1-2 testimonials every couple of days with a video broadcasting service, and so there’s a constant fresh flow of positive information about me on the internet. So anyone looking for me in YouTube or asking questions about me online is now going to have an almost unlimited amount of raving reviews.

3. Video testimonials give other people a chance to promote themselves on your website. Essentially, someone who has a featured testimonial on a high trafficked site is going to get massive value and social validation for their own marketing system, giving them a greater power to recruit and market products online. This is the biggest reason why you should be quick to rave about other people online and let them know about it. If somebody has a product that you love, tell them in a video and post it on YouTube. People will find your video when searching for them and visit your site, giving you a free, permanent flow of traffic.

Overall, I would say that since I've been using video testimonials, my results from everything I've done have increased by three times. I wanted to add one word of caution, though. The FTC has recently issued new guidelines for testimonials, and you want to steer clear of any kind of income claims. Even if they're true, you can get in big trouble. Instead of that, just have people share their positive experiences with you. Here's the main key to success with video testimonials: ask your customers for them, and reward them with a valuable gift of some kind if they do. You'll increase your results in no time at all.

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Video Testimonials can be an extremely effective way to promote your internet business if you know how to use them properly. If you would like a free 8 day A-Z crash course, visit David Wood's blog and you can actually watch the webinar that generated the testimonials that were referenced in this article. Visit David Wood's Article Marketing Secrets now.

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