How Drug Testing Can Lower The Drug Abuse And Drug Trafficking Numbers

By: Bart Icles

Almost all people would agree that drug abuse, drug trafficking, and drug addiction are fast becoming one of the worse problems anywhere in the world. Drugs cause a lot of heartbreak to both the individual abusing it and to his or her loved ones. Not only that, drugs are also a source of crimes, both petty and not. Drugs are really social pariahs that should really be eradicated because of the seemingly countless negative effects that they bring.
Today, drug abuse and drug trafficking are affecting even the younger population, even children who are in their elementary years. The most common drugs being abused by the younger population are marijuana, prescription drugs, and over-the-counter mixes. About half of senior high school students in the city of Los Angeles in California claim to have tried drugs at one point or another, and about one out of ten students admit that they use marijuana regularly. These numbers are really alarming, and something should be done about it as soon as possible.
Drug testing is one of the major ways in determining whether one is on drugs or not. However, there are times wherein those who are being subjected to it find a way to cheat the test and come out clean when the opposite is true. This problem is now being addressed by the parties concerned, and nowadays, drug testing anywhere - in the workplace, in school, and the like - have now been improved and are now becoming foolproof.
Requiring drug testing periodically in schools, at workplaces, and in getting different types of licenses, like driver's license and professional licenses, should be implemented. This is one way to ensure that the incidents of drug abuse would be lessened. If there is a shortage of demand, then there would also be lesser reasons for drug traffickers to indulge in their trade since it would not be a lucrative venture anymore.
One of the most popular means in checking if a person in on drugs is by using a drug testing kit. Drug testing agencies are now recognizing their practicality and effectivity because they are cost lesser, they are very simple to understand, they are very easy to operate, and they deliver fast and accurate results. Practically anybody can perform drug testing using these drug testing kits that are formulated and are, periodically, undergoing improvements to make sure that they provide timely and accurate results.
Today, different types of drug testing kits are available for different types of drugs. Continuous improvements are being done by their manufacturers to ensure that everything is accurate. These drug testing kits would, hopefully, be able to lower the drug abuse numbers all over the globe.

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In a world of changing ethics and propelling questions hair follicle drug testing has a variety of uses. Hair drug tests are something the athletic organizations, forensics, insurance companies and large corporations will need to be aware of. Hair drug testing is one of the top methods because it can provide an accurate history of use and is the longest lasting piece of evidence.

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