How Do Indian IT Firms Create a Proposal to Get Freelance Projects?

By: Dinesh Das

Many IT companies want to take the helm of their high-priority projects. Getting the effective projects is crucial to their business’s performance and success. Therefore, a perfect proposal to grab freelance projects has a great importance. Though time is money, you should spend your time wisely and appropriately to maximize your sales.

How Do a Good Proposal Help You Win Freelance Projects -

When it comes to browse the best projects for your IT firms, you need to create a proposal on different freelance portals online. It’s obvious that if your proposal isn’t crafted well, it won’t get you freelance projects you desire. Here are a few things to help you make a good proposal:

1. Short and Simple Proposal -

Instead of defining lengthy details about your IT firms and specialty, you need to keep your proposal short and simple. After all long proposal won’t convince anyone as no one will be going to read them. Generally, people run from big paragraphs as they have the patience to read your business story.

2. Grab Client’s Attention Quickly -

When seeking for good freelance projects, you will have only a few minutes to win your client’s attention. Therefore, you should be witty in the first two or three lines. First of all, you should look at the feedback on the client’s profile while applying and start your proposal with their name. By doing this, you will leave the client wondering how do you know their name - eventually draws them to your profile to see whether they know you. It also shows that your IT Company is very much interested in the project and in collaborating with them.

3. Showcase your Work Samples -

Remember, if there’s anything in your proposal your prospective clients are interested in, it’s your previous work samples. If your samples look appealing, you will win the projects for sure. So, it’s highly suggested to keep your company samples atop - maybe after the first paragraph.

4. Include Specialty and Excellence -

Every client wants to know why they should pick your Indian IT company instead of any other companies out there. This is basically your proposal has to be focused on. Hence, you need to provide a brief presentation, stating the benefits of collaborating with your companies, as well as your excellence. Instead of bragging more, you should be honest about your work and try to present real facts.

Your proposal should include:

- Number of years of experience

- Client’s testimonials, and reviews is a plus.

- Successful past projects you’ve worked on so far.

- Standard rates & costs

- Your key skills and specialization

You should point out anything that makes you look good through sample works and company profile. After that, you need to leave the rest out.

5. Tight Communications -

If you are lacking the requirement understanding, don’t hesitate to ask the relevant questionnaires; while posting your proposal, you need to maintain professionalism. You can do this by improving customer service and interacting with clients in a professional approach. For instance, “Dear Michael” will sound good than “Hi”. In short and simple words, you should make your company proposal more professional to grab eyeballs of your prospective clients. Do follow-up to know about the proposal status;

Conclusion -

While working on getting quality freelance projects, remember it will take some time and energy. But it will pay off in spades, after you start winning projects, garnering great reviews from clients and increasing sales. So, start the process by posting a good quality proposal - reflecting your company value and expertise, and you’ll be on your way to success.

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