How Do I Save My Marriage When Love Flies

By: John Knight

An issue on "how do I save my marriage" is a question of how to be the MR. RIGHT or the MRS. RIGHT! A wife or a husband would often ask the same question after some long and stormy years being together only to find out that you are not compatible. Two strangers with different personalities meet and have madly fallen in love. Eventually, they have decided to get married and never have had the issue of compatibility.
Either or both spouse may try to save the marriage if individual difference can be put aside and rekindle the vow to love, cherish and respect each other. Saving a marital union is never an easy task for it requires tons of patience and super understanding. The burden of keeping the bond often falls on the wife. One can always ask the question like: how do I save my marriage? This is possible if the wife hangs on even if the husband has declared everything is over! This can also be possible if there is still even the faintest love that flickers in one's heart.
Women often wait when the children have become matured enough to understand things and the whole set up then. It is only then that these honorable women seek true happiness after a failed marriage. They are often the unsung heroines of marriages. They also want to keep the bond especially if there are children and this is the main reason for enduring the pains and heartaches.
Be careful when women say: "Enough is enough!" It might be too late for a husband to as himself "how can I save my marriage" when the wife who has been with him suffering in silence has not been able to bear any longer the pain. In most marriages, when the man walks out the marriage may have a second chance. However, in the event the wife gives up then that is the end of everything. A wife who has been tormented by a husband will never have the second though of going back once she leaves.
Never let the water under the bridge dry up and let someone go and cross the point of no return if you still love him or her. Once the die is cast, it may be too late for you to as him or her to return. You can never realize the value of a person not unless she or he has gone and left you for good. It is important that you always treasure your relationship and keep each other with love and respect so you do not reach the point of asking "how do I save my marriage?

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How do I save my marriage is a question that will often arise when the couple concerned end up in miserable fights that tend to break each other apart. This is one question that worries the outcome of a bad marriage. But there are ways to resolve such condition and you can visit to know more about it.

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