How Cars and Big Rig Trucks Can Coexist Safely on the Same Roads

By: Jerry Work

Tractor-trailer trucks have the potential to cause a lot of destruction as they speed down the highway. While they can be dangerous, they are also a vital part of a healthy economy, by providing an efficient way to distribute goods from place to place. So despite what your personal feelings may be about these monsters and the people who drive them, you really have no choice but to learn to coexist with them on our roads. The following information will give you the tools to greatly reduce your odds of being in an accident involving a semi truck.

1. Keep enough space between your car and a semi truck that is in the same lane. Tractor-trailer trucks are large and you cannot see what is in front of it. If there is an article in the road, or if traffic ahead is coming to a slow, you will be unable to see it. The more distance you have between yourself and a semi truck in front of you, the better chance you will have to adjust if there is debris in the road or a slowing of traffic.

2. When passing a semi truck on the highway, if at all possible, pass on the left side. Because of limited visibility on the right side, semi trucks have a large blind spot there that you want to stay out of. One of the rules of the highway is that slower drivers should stay on the right side of the road so that people going faster can pass them on the left. If you come across a slow truck in the right-lane, it is always safer to wait until the truck moves into the right lane so that you can pass on the left.

3. Don't drive right next to a tractor trailer. Instead, either get by it or fall behind it. If you decide to go faster around the truck, you should not go at an unsafe speed, but you should get around it quickly. Move around the semi truck at a quick but safe speed. If you decide to decelerate, let the truck move ahead at distance that is safe (see rule one).

4. At intersections where semi trucks are turning toward you from another direction, stay farther back from the end of your lane where you normally would to allow extra room for the truck to get around you without hitting you. Tractor-trailer trucks are really long, and you should give them extra room.

5. You should give tractor-trailer trucks a lot of space in their lane to stop. If you are in stop-and-go traffic, or in a situation where you see a stop coming up, do not turn into a semi truck's lane unless you are allowing room enough for a forty ton vehicle to come to a stop.

All of this is really just common sense. Unfortunately, when everyone is on the road, hurrying to get somewhere, common sense flies out the window. Never take a chance with your safety! Tractor trailers are very large vehicles that start slow, stop slow, and weigh enough to crush you in an instant. It's important to keep in mind the difficulty these trucks have in driving our roads, and having a healthy respect could help save your life.

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