How Can I Get My Vagina Tight Quickly?

By: Jack Henrik

Ayurveda has efficacious solutions to vexing issues such as loose vagina consequent to childbirth, menopause, advancing age or prolapse of muscles of the pelvic floor. You do not have to bring out a pestle and mortar and grind a number of herbs to make a paste or an infusion. Quite often sex is almost spontaneous and you are hardly likely to get together herbs and grind them by which time desire evaporates. Instead, pop across to a local pharmacy, ask for Aabab and keep it readily available at hand. When it is time to engage in sex, insert the pill five minutes before sex and tighten vagina immediately. While the pill takes effect engage in plenty of cuddling, kissing and foreplay. Your vagina becomes tight and wet like that of a virgin due to the action of the ayurvedic herbs and not only will your man love the wonderful feeling and sensations, you too will gain pleasure, resulting in explosive climax and a warm glow.

Some women doubt the efficacy of herbal ayurvedic vagina tightening pill. Millions of women across the world cannot be wrong. They have used it to tighten vagina quickly, enjoyed its effects and have gone out and bought some more. It is easy, simple, safe, quick and affordable.

Just so you know the selected herbs are manjuphal or oak gall and Dridhranga. Both are astringent, antibacterial, lubricants and libido enhancers as well in addition to having the effect of tightening vagina quickly.

Ayurveda defines astringents as those herbs that cause tautening of tissues on being applied to that spot. Dridhranga and oak gall are not the only astringents of herbal origin. Alum is an inorganic chemical with an astringent effect. Use it in emergency when you run out of Aabab. Aloe vera can be wonderful. Best use fresh aloevera leaf and squeeze out the gummy liquid immediately before use.

Then there is a whole range of astringents with sour, sweet, hot and spicy effects as well. These are arjuna, babool, bibhitaki, shankha pushpin, bamboo, raw bananas, hibiscus, lotus, moong, jaiphal, bhindi, coriander leaf juice, turnips, vidanga, akarkara, kutaj, lodhra, kutaj, brinjals, cinnamon, honey, rosemary, hasil, guduchi and others. So why not use any of these. The reason is that in addition to being astringent these herbs may be hot, bitter, sour or pungent. The inner mucosal lining of the vagina is very delicate and sensitive and if you apply any of these there may be a burning, itching, discomfort or plain pain that effectively dampens your mood for sex. According to Charak, father of ayurveda, astringent herbs also have other effects such as causing granulation and stiffness, constipation, dryness, gas, weariness and emaciation. Go for time tested and tried manjuphal and Dridhrangal, chosen with care for your safety and enjoyment of pleasures of the flesh.

If you do run out of stock of herbal ayurvedic fast acting vagina tightening pills, you can use honey, aloe vera or alum to tide over the situation and tighten your vagina quickly. For long term use, always keep the pills handy to tighten vagina quickly.

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