How Americans Are Getting Creative With Their Investments

By: Chuck R Stewart

2008 and 2009 have proven to be some of the most trying years for the stock market. It has hit all time lows and has most people that had invested in stocks has lost money on their investments this past year. Because of that, many people are not wanting to invest in the stock market and just saving their money in regular bank savings accounts which typically do not earn much interest. For many people, losing half of the retirement or college funds has scared them into not investing in stocks again. This is understandable but people should not be afraid to once again invest in the market.
The stock market has crashed many times before always rebounding so if you are simply patient, it willimprove in time. Another good idea is to think out of the box with your money. A good option is to use a DO, or a direct offering. This is a way to invest in a smaller business that has not gone public yet but is about to, they just need to raise capitalto make that possible. By becoming one of the investors in that smaller company, you can choose to really know a lot of things about the company first.
Where do you discover a direct offering? As someone who is deciding on if they should invest in a DO, you can find out about these smaller companies from a financial advisor or even by a search on the world wide web. Once you have picked a small company that is available, be certain you research that it is a legitimate business and not something that is just trying to take your money and run. Once that is determined to be areputable company you will be notified when the company's shares willbe resold to the public. You can invest a large amount or a more conservative amount, that all depends on how comfortable you are with the risk factor involved. As with many things that could be lucrative, there is a risk involved and the possibility that your money will be lost. Thisalthough, offers those that are scared to go with larger companies that have already lost them money in the market a differentway to possibly make some money in an unusual way.
As we all know, all big companies that end up successful have started out small at some point and this is your chance to do just that. By going with the direct offering concept, you also get rid ofthe middle man which couldaid with your end result also.
With the difficult economy currently, people wanting to be wise|smart] with their money are looking for alternative ways on how to invest. This is just another way of how to do that and hopefully own shares of a company that once going publicwill continue to grow and therefore make you money unlike bigger companies that are going under.

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Chuck Stewart made a presentation to a group of investors who were looking to expand their ability to find great small companies to invest in. He recently reviewed the most economical method to raise capital for a start up company.

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