How About Investing in Local Storage?

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Investing in local storage units is a great alternative to blocking valuable space in oneís own home or backyard to store unwanted or less used items. We all have things that we keep for sentimental reasons or in case we need them some day. Then there are seasonal items like winter clothing or ski equipment. Rather than dealing with them in oneís own home, getting them out of sight in a local storage facility can be a great relief and stress buster.

Check Out Our Top 5 Reasons For Using These Facilities:

1. Opportunity Cost Of Home Real Estate: While we continue to use our garage or basement for dumping things we donít use, have we ever stopped to consider how much the storage costs us? We saved on a few dollars at the local storage unit but we invested prime property in our home instead. We sacrificed a study or a childrenís play area! Unless planned very well in the existing furniture pieces, storage as an afterthought can seriously compromise the quality of our lives in our homes.

2. Less Than Optimal Storage - Packing stuff is not about finding a carton, putting things inside and sealing it. Different things require different temperatures, support and safety measures against pests and seepage. A size too large or too small in boxes can again compromise the quality of the stored items. Local storages use special cartons made of tensile steel that provide protection against various kinds of damages that could befall your belongings. They are professionals who know how to safeguard furniture, art pieces and other valuables while packing, transporting and storing ensuring that when you finally need something, itís still useable.

3. Safety Ė Another advantage of local storage over home storing is the safety aspect. There are sophisticated security systems and 24 X 7 surveillance, that ensure that your valuables stay safe and secure while you sleep soundly. At home, given that storage is normally done in back areas or basements, it is possible that you may not even notice a theft for a long time by which it may be too late.

4. Stress Ė Storing is a headache for most and while it is something people live with, they really donít have to. Like with everything else, itís best to let others do what we are not very good at doing. We donít bake our own bread Ė why then try doing the storing ourselves? In fact, just taking out the extra things creates a lot of positive energy in your homes and you will wonder why you didnít do it earlier.

5. Its Cheaper - Last but not the least, if you really work out the cost of your effort, stress and possible damages, local storage may well turn out to be a cheaper option. Most of us donít factor in the opportunity costs as well but if you were to, you would realize that without the Ďjunkí you may need a smaller house which would actually cost you far less.

Do yourself and your home a favor Ė check out the options for storing your extras outside your home!

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