How AFP-Peptizyde is Useful for You

By: Amelia Johnson

AFP-Peptizyde was the answer to all problems faced by people who took Peptizyde. Some people could not take Peptizyde normally and they could now take the new product without any problem. Experts recommend that if you can take the former product normally, then you should not change it as the new product lacks bromelian and papain which are two fruit-based enzymes. The new product also consists of three enzymes which can specifically break down and digest many kinds of protein, without interfering with the digestion of fats, carbohydrates, vitamins or minerals. The 3 enzymes have a plant base and can break down various kinds of peptide bonds. This supplement can also be taken all the time and by everyone as it does not interfere with the functioning of other medicines or supplements that you take. However, you have to be careful that these supplements and medicines donít have the peptide bonds which this supplement is bound to break.

Does the Work inside the Stomach

AFP-Peptizyde contains DPP IV out of the three enzymes among its constituents. This particular enzyme can break down casomorphin and exorphin peptide easily. The other 2 enzymes can work in very acidic conditions to digest the food. Because of this, the peptide bonds can get broken down in the stomach itself. The enzymes in the supplement can be active in the low pH condition of the stomach and hydrolyze gluten and casein in the stomach itself. The enzyme supplement makes sure that exorphin peptides are not produced from the proteins. Consequently, the proteins are easily digested and all this work is completed in the stomach.

Gives What You Need

AFP-Peptizyde has the right balance of enzymes which are absolutely necessary for digestion of proteins. When you know the exact enzymes in the supplement, you can decide which other supplements you can take so that your body functions well. This helps you to plan your intake so that the body has enough of all the enzymes needed. This also helps to minimize the side effects which the body develops due to overdose of some of the enzymes. Since this product is natural and has no side effects, you can take any quantity of the supplement without any problem. You can experiment with the number of tablets you can take daily so that your body gets the needed enzymes and can function in the best possible way.

Eat Anything You Want

AFP-Peptizyde allows you to eat anything of your choice. This means that you can have food which contains gluten and casein and still not get any side effects in the body. Since this enzyme supplement is very effective in digesting gluten and casein, you can take all kinds of food that you love without worrying about having any adverse effects on your body. The body will not develop any adverse reactions from taking these foods and you will also enjoy having the foods that you have craved to have.

How It Helps You

This enzyme supplement has a profound effect on your digestive system and also your interest in eating all kinds of food. People will develop a new interest in food. You can eat dairy products now without getting any adverse effects. By including AFP-Peptizyde in your daily routine, you may not need to take any other supplements as this can give you all the nutrients and enzymes you need.

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