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By: Danil Ava

Property is considered a secure mode of investment since ancient times. Today people are inclined to purchase property not only as an investment but also as a shelter or a place of commercial trade. Inn the past few years’ Indian property has shown a sudden increase in the rate however this has not affected the property sale or purchase in India. People still prefer to buy the house in India with the increased rates. The demand has increased, to such a level that today to suffice the growing needs and deal with it we find various property consultants and property news launched, creating an awareness among the common people. Witnessing the current trend in the market one can clearly demarcate that the people are inclined to buy houses in India, that is employ the domestic usage when compared to the commercial usage for shops, stores, factories and among others.

Property employed as homes are constructed differently to the economic status of the owner and also ensures that thee is a shelter provided to various classes of the society. The awareness is created by the government by launching different schemes of flats. They are launched creating a shelter for different section of the society. These flats are classified as LIG (lower Income Group) which serves as an investment for the weaker section of the society and provide shelter to them. The next on the mark is the MIG (middle Income Group) serving for the middle income man and providing shelter to this section of our society and the last being the HIG (Higher Income Group) serving as an investment and shelter for the higher or high end users of our society. These bifurcations in the property are only to ensure that every section of the society receives the shelter in accordance to their pocket, irrespective to the land scarcity and decreasing ratios of land to the population.

However the boom of demand of property in the market especially to buy the house in India has given a kick to Real Estate sector. There are certain weekly and daily newsletters launched by the Real Estate Industry to manage the property flow across the market. These newsletters are either published in the hard copy format or published online, commonly called real estate portal. These aids help the consumer understand the market in relation to the property and anlyse the value of the property (either the property that they wish to purchase, sell or posses in the market). To conclude one can certainly say that the real estate sector has witnessed an increase due to the increasing demand for the property where everyone wants to own a property either for the domestic or for the commercial purpose. The demand to buy a house in India has increased and to resolve or hand hold the purchasers and sellers there are certain real estate dealers, property consultants, and others professionals that are available in the market making the task easier. However one needs to be cautious about the options and also about the aids available in the market while they buy a house in India.

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