Horse Racing - Easy Trader Pro Reviewed

By: Kevin Phillips

First off, this is not a betting bot of some kind; it is an E-Book of a trading method. It is based on something comparable to a bot I programmed, but from a perspective I hadn�t considered before I read the E-Book, so I already knew that in theory the method ought to be profitable.

Now one detail I must make apparent is that you need to exercise the method in the morning, otherwise don�t bother with it, although weekends are still adequate to catch some decent trades in if you work in the week. You therefore need to have access to the betting exchanges for the duration of the afternoon to check on any open trades. Somewhere amongst those times, if you have opened a position, you will need to trade out. The E-Book makes it pretty obvious how to do this.

The selection process in the morning is not complex, and with no more than 10 variables to process, these promptly dwindle down any potential qualifiers to just a handful, so you can cast out probably 99% of the days runners without even a second glance.

Everything is explained in down-to-earth to follow instructions, but for beginners I strongly recommended reading the E-Book twice prior to starting, and lay with �2 stakes until you show to yourself the method is profitable.

The package additionally includes the Weight of the Money system (WOM) - never released by anyone previously. This is designed to get you started, even if you have a tiny amount of capital. The WOM addition to the package caused a giant storm as soon as it was published, and still works to this day.

So that�s the main outline, now the main question: �Is it profitable?� - Yes. And despite a number of reviews saying it is no longer profitable, trust me it is, those reviewers do not look at the product for months as I do, and for it not to work would take a lot of cash to influence the betting market.

There is simply not a more complete guide for profiting from Betfair - quickly, and simply... No matter what your experience is. It is exceptional value for a beginner, or qualified trader as you can on no account study enough in this game.

�Does it make the cash the bloke says it does?� - Only if you�re trading in �100�s, and remember, you will NOT profit each trade, but you should profit every day. It will provide long term profits as long as you stick to the method, and are patient the first few days, even weeks, while you learn to trade. The problem with most people is they give up following the first few cock-ups, where individuals who learn from them go on to make the profits.

Once you get used to it, you will only take 10-15 minutes doing the days cards to get likely trades.

So what do you find in the package?

� No more losing lay bets - profit either way

� Start today with a bank as small as �50, and �2 stakes

� Profit from the horses, football and other sports

� Minimal time effort for maximum returns

� 200+ pages filled with tricks and techniques

� 30 minutes of live training videos

If you have never tried trading already, and only mostly bet to win, then get yourself a copy, you'll be surprised of how many losing gamblers discover they can profit from trading on Betfair.

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Easy Trader Pro is a fantastic package, and something you should not be without if you are looking to profit from trading.

Review by Win2Win Racing.

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