Hormonal Anxiety - Could Hormones Be Stressing You Out?

By: Adrian King

Hormonal anxiety is an extremely common occurrence in many women worldwide. If you've felt stressed out, moody, and worn out a great deal more than usual, then you may be suffering from hormonal anxiety too.
When talking about hormonal anxiety, we are referring to what is actually known as Hormonal Imbalance Anxiety, the name for the hormonal fluctuations experienced during different times in your life, which can increase the effects of anxiety greatly.
Hormonal Imbalance Anxiety is a condition where, as the name states, there is an imbalance in the levels of hormones within the body. There is usually a dominant level of estrogen, which means a shortage of progesterone, leading to heightened sensory reception and a general overall feeling of anxiety.
The times when stress and anxiety are at its highest include puberty, the usual monthly PMS, pregnancy and menopause.
Realize that hormonal anxiety could simply be contributing to and increasing the effects of a seemingly dormant condition. It is unfortunate that a lot of women believe their suffering to be caused only by hormones, when in fact their problem is larger in scale.
Of course, your long-term mental health is of the utmost importance - it's not something you want to play around with. For this reason, it would be very careless to assume that the cause of your suffering is just your monthly cycle. Along with anger, depression and lethargy, due to hormonal anxiety many women also experience their first panic attack.
Many women concentrate on these symptoms alone, and neglect what else that could be going on regularly. If you sometimes feel uncomfortable in social situations, feel stressed out, and tend to worry a fair amount, it's a safe bet that hormonal anxiety is an increased reaction to the underlying issue.
The distress that comes with hormonal anxiety is unfortunately a happening that many of us have to deal with. What can be seen as even more unfortunate, however, is the fact that the vast majority of women that suffer will never become knowledgeable about their hormones simply preying on what is a much larger and more damaging issue. If you seem to suffer from any number of the symptoms listed above, then it would be a very good idea to find either a treatment or cure as soon as possible, so as to not let the problem ever get out of control.
Fortunately, curing anxiety is a LOT EASIER THAN YOU THINK. Many women think that because their symptoms are so severe, especially due to hormonal anxiety, that a practical solution would be either a lot of hard work, or simply non-existent. Thankfully, we know this is not the truth!

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