Homeopathic Medicine For Menstrual Cramps

By: Thulas Sukati

There are so many things you ignore when you are young but for every woman at some stage in her life she will firmly believe that her body hates her. Menstrual cramp is one of these which can affect any woman; whether she has a regular cycle or not. The condition of endometriosis can increase the debilitating effect as can the condition of PCOS. If you were to ask a woman who suffers from this complaint they would tell you just how much they dread that time each month.

This is when you need some menstrual cramp relief you can count on time and time again. Most women rely on taking a pill during this time which also seems the most obvious answer. Drug manufacturers were quick to formulate a remedy which most people know as Pamprin. Now, it is true to say that some women do not like taking any type of oral medication but perhaps it's now time to think about that stance.

Nothing can take the wind out of your sails or put a dampener on your day like painful cramps. The cramps aren't the only thing that has to be endured either; the feeling of having eaten too much and nausea can also be a problem. On a personal level, I was just tired of the cramping pains and decided to source an effective menstrual cramp relief solution. There doesn't seem to be any consistency about it either, most months I have an awful time and then the odd cycle that is completely pain free.

Heat pads can work quite well but you may find you have to experiment where it is placed for it to bring some relief. You may not have tried this for your problem before but it is well worth giving it a go particularly if you haven't had any success with pills. However, if you endure more painful menstrual cramps you may need to try something stronger. If this is a problem that affects your work attendance then you may need to do something about it before it damages your chance of promotion.

To stop the situation worsening you should speak to your physician to see what menstrual cramp relief solution he can come up with. A doctor will know of other options available to you including the birth control pill, if you are not already on it, which can help relieve the pains. The only time this probably won't be the ideal solution is if you have planned to have a child in the near future in which case your doctor should be able to advise you further of any dangers and options to help ease your cramp situation. Good luck with your search for a way to ease those regular painful cramps.

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