Homeopathic Cures For Fingertip Eczema

By: Thulas Sukati

The exact reasons for eczema remain a puzzle despite all our medical knowledge. Something external must trigger the allergic reaction that leads to the symptoms that we all recognize in this skin complaint. Although eczema can occur on many parts of the body, with baby eczema, it is usually first noticed on their face. Although the problem is widespread around the world,

Fortunately, most of these cases of have cleared up before the child reaches two years old. For a small number of children this skin complaint does not disappear when they are young but continues into adulthood. This is not an age specific condition although it is much more common in small children. Although most sufferers have had this condition since they were five years old around a third contracted it before they were barely twelve months of age.

Seen as a red, itchy and scaly rash, baby eczema is usually of the more common atopic eczema variety. Strangely, atopic eczema is also hereditary and often starts when the baby's skin is not moisturized regularly. Sometimes it is the washing powder or fabric conditioner that triggers the disorder, something that can be a cause of the adult condition as well. Some medical research into baby eczema has found a link to mothers who cease breastfeeding their baby's early so continuing this practice for a longer period may help ease the condition.

Of course we must not neglect some respiratory complaints that can exacerbate the condition. Babies can also be more likely to have a problem if they already suffer from rhinitis, have food allergies or whose mother has an asthma condition. Food allergies are believed to be responsible for anything up to 3 cases in ten,however, if this is the situation, there is no longer any reason why the child should have it its diet once the problem food has been confirmed. some of these groups are mentioned below:

Sea and freshwater fishCream and other milk productsProducts using wheat as an ingredientFood prepared using eggsPeanuts

Baby eczema can also be caused as a result of the baby receiving antibiotics when the mother gave birth to her child. Treating babies requires a little more thought as they cannot tell us what irritates them so only bath them in lukewarm water and use fragrance free, hypoallergenic creams.After washing, a baby needs to be dressed in natural fabrics such as cotton, Keeping the baby's finger nails short is an important point not to overlook as they can inadvertently scratch inflamed skin making the situation worse. Unfortunately, baby eczema sometimes needs further help and in these cases, the doctor might prescribe the use of antihistamines to relieve the itching,some situations warrant the use of topical steroid creams but these cannot be used for extended periods. This is a difficult medical condition to not only control but overcome despite being a common complaint.

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