Home Security Camera System - Which One is the Best?

By: Troy Livy

When deciding on a home security camera system, a lot of consideration must be taken. After all, camera is just as important as the rest of the components in your security system. With all the many choices to select from, it can be quite difficult to find the best one for your needs though. So how do you go about choosing the right one? It all starts with a good research.
Lens and Form
Cameras differ according to form. Some are box shaped while others have domes or are shaped like slim bullets. Professional box type cameras are often on top of them all. Depending on the brand you choose, they can have multiple adjustable lenses and can have optional weatherproofing for outdoor use. Dome and bullet types can have more limited lens capabilities but they can have some extra features. The CNB V2315NVD for example is a vandal proof dome camera. The Provideo CVC-320WP has infrared capabilities.
Take note that not all brands are the same. Different brands have different features regardless of form. What you need to find out is what you need so you can match it with what is available. Some points to determine include your need for night vision, waterproofing, adjustable lenses and heavy duty casing.
Overt or Covert
Home security camera system can be openly displayed or hidden. In most cases, overt cameras can be placed in prominent places around your house where both guests and intruders are constantly reminded that there is always an eye watching whatever happens. This can discourage and foil any plans of negative actions.
Cameras that are hidden from sight are called covert cameras. These usually come as small ballpoints and are hidden in ordinary household items like stuffed toys, furniture, decorations and fixtures. Although these are often used to monitor nannies or house workers, they can also be used to spot possible intruders who are already inside your home.
You wireless home alarm system can include either or both. Cameras, as far as home security is concerned is simply indispensable.
Functional or Not
Cameras can definitely cost a lot. This is why not every homeowner chooses to have a real system in place. Some may only opt to install fake cameras or unconnected units. The typical belief is that the sight of fake cameras is enough to make burglars think twice about breaking and entering. Bear in mind though that not all burglars are easily spooked. Those who can tell the difference between real and fake units may take the risk of trespassing. You may not want to take your chances with fake displays.
These are just some of the basic points to consider when selecting a camera for your home. Another option of course, would be to ask the help of an expert from your security company. They can make recommendations according to your needs. When it comes to selecting a camera unit for you home alarm system, it should be done with utmost care and consideration.

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