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By: Crystal Adeyemi

The best Natural remedies for hemorrhoids are what I discuss in this article. My hemorrhods started with my second pregnancy. After giving birth, I noticed that the hemorrhoids did not go away so I went to see my doctor. I was told the only option was to have them surgically removed.
My doctor informed me that having them surgically removed did not guarantee that the hemorrhoids would never come back. It was there that I made the decision to cure my hemorrhoids my self using natural means.
These tow natural remedies for hemorrhoids when used in conjunction with a high fibre diet should cure your hemorrhoids, because they are what I used to cure mine.
Yes, these natural remedies work do work but most of all they do not have any side effects, unlike the synthetic drugs and suppositories that your doctor is likely prescribe.
1. Witch Hazel: You can get witch-hazel at your local pharmacy. Each time you finish a bowel movement, put some witch-hazel on cotton wool pad and use it to wipe the area.
Just hold the cotton wool pad in place for about 5 mins. After a few minutes you should start to feel a tightening of the hemorrhoids. Repeat this twice a day and you should see a real difference in as llittle as two days.
Witch Hazel is very effective because it is an astringent. By the way, an astringent is a substance or chemical that shrinks or constrict blood tissues and that would explain why it works wonders for hemorrhoids.
2. Slippery Elm: Also known as sweet, American, Indian or rock elm. It is a fantastic remedy for inflammations and ulceration of the gastro-intestinal tract.
It is very good for people who have sensitive or inflamed membranes of the digestive system. You can use t both internally and externally, so it is a good idea to always have it to hand.
It is also easily assimilated when taken internally which is how I used it. To use a nutritious gruel, just mix 5g of slippery elm powder in boiling water and drink when cooled.
These are two easy steps that you can take almost immediately. But remember that your body may not respond as well to these natural remedies for hemorrhoids as mine did.

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